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  1. On the session in which I blanked my mate and I saw a reasonable looking common banked as we were arriving. Also a fella that i was speaking with down there said it is still good for tench, which is a bit off the topic but cant be a bad thing. The only other promising indicator was that almost every swim was filled. The only blurb that i have been able to find online says that both carp and tench are present plus a few wildies. As for the possibility of thefts. The forestry people come down and check licences personally, so i think that they take a keen interest in its preser
  2. Hi all. I am planning a day session for carp at Wake Valley Pond in a couple of weeks time. I had a miserable blank there earlier in the season. The internet is slim in help and info regarding this venue. I would appreciate any advice that you can share with me.
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