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  1. hello i have been carp fishing for a few months now and was wondering when is the best tinme to start again as we are heading for spring when is the best time to get back out there for the caro and what type of rigs shall i use and what baits shall i use
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    carp tips

    hello if you got any tips of better summer bait or spring bait or winter baits or autum bair or even rigs for these seasons please post a comment
  3. hello there when i go to my local gravel pit with about 40 carp in i use the stander dixxed rig and bollies all flavours can anyone help me with better baits. . . . also any rele good baiting ideas for this winter like stick mixes or ground bait and what flavour and coulour boilies and any rele good winter rigs please help me out people
  4. hello there i have been carp fishing for 4 mkonths now and i have caught small ones and a big 17lb on but now iits winter and no matter what bait i use i get nothing can you help with baits please or stick mixes or anyfing to boost my fishing in the winter so i can catch a carp in the winter please ................................................................................ i go to a gravel pit where the alot of weed at the bottom and i use the standered rig the fixed rig any help please
  5. well i use the standered rig where you but anti tangel tubeing on then thresd your line thru the lead [flat pear] then i tie on a brair hair rig size 10-8 need help
  6. well hello im new herer and will need somne tips on rigs and al thay i have been useing the very basic one and it is not working as well my biggest carp is 17lb 7oz and would like to catch bigger any help or tips on bait o rigs
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