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  1. Anyone heard of or uses Fluke FD 430 Reels. Mullarkeys sell them £19.99. Fighting drag, 4 BB, 5.2:1 gear ratio. Any good
  2. Hi all Being fairly new to course fishing, entered my first match, finished 5th and won my section,i've caught the match bug. The only problem is I only fish the feeder/method. I have a pole (shimano exage ax 14.5m) and require another technique/method for matches. Any advice on a new method and how its done would be appreciated. The fishery i use has the usual mirrors,commons,crucians,tench,bream,roach,rudd,pe rch to about 3lb-5lb with some very large carp thrown in. Best baits appear to be corn,maggot,worm with green swimstim, not sure about pellets but i'm sure people use them. Any advice
  3. Hi guys Anyone used liquidised sweetcorn before? Is it anygood and how would you use it?
  4. Hi all A bit of an off beat question but are there guidelines to the stocking densities fisheries have to abide by for the sake of fish welfare. Read an article once where a fishery stocked 260lb of fish per peg. What does your fishery stock and does it affect catch weights?
  5. Hi guys Looking for a long range casting feeder rod (75yds+) for bream fishing. Looking at the shakespeare mach 1 13'power feeder.
  6. Hi guys Has anyone had/got or know of the avanti gold medal match reels. Any ideas on what they are like?
  7. Hi All Having a go at elasticating my pole (2 sections) What size of elastic is normally used for average match fishing (carp bream tench up to 1lb-5lb with some larger specimens lurking around. Silvers from ounces to 1lb) , I have some middy hi viz elastic size 4-6 .875mm purple, size 8-10 1.3 mm yellow specimen grade and size 10-12 1.6 mm pink whopper stopper grade. Also what sizes of external bushes should be used (preston) for what grade of elastic aswell as size of connectors to use (preston slip conectors)
  8. Hi All what do you class as a low feed groundbait, what makes are out there? Are pellets low feed???
  9. Hi all Has anyone heard of fishing paste with a feeder on a feeder rod (obviously). How is this done, what do you use in the feeder? whats the best paste mix and how to make it? what rigs do you use? how often do you have to re-bait? How does fishing paste actualy catch fish? Are carp the only spieces you catch on this method? is it an all year round method?
  10. Has anyone used, know of or own a Daiwa Proteus Feeder rod? Any reviews on the rod would be appreciated. I'm looking at the 11ft model for small commercials. Will it be suitable for small silver fish but be able to cope with the larger species aswell.
  11. Hi all me again Near where i live is a small lake stocked with the usual silvers, crucians, tench, carp etc typical pleasure type lake with match potential. Its never been used for a match before but talking to anglers who fish it and serious match anglers, they would love to have a match on the lake. My question is to all you anglers out there what type of match would appeal to first timers and match anglers alike. How do you charge and distribute monies so a wide variety of anglers have a chance of winning some money. Would a series of matches be better say 3-5 matches and overall winner i
  12. rob39


    Hi all Planning a trip up to loch Ken in dumfries and galloway for some roach/bream fishing, anyone got any advice on rods (length, casting weight) line strength, feeder types, hook size, where to fish and ticket prices and where to get tickets, groundbait hookbait advice, how much feed to put in at first and when to top up (summer and winter).
  13. I'm looking for a feeder rod capable of casting huge distances/big feeders on large bream waters with a budget, £30-£40??
  14. Hi folks does anyone know if there is any free coarse fishing in ayrshire. We have the excellent Springwater fishery here in Ayr, Broom in Annan and Magiscroft in the central belt, along with loch ken but anyone know of anything else free in Ayrshire???
  15. Hi David Don't remember reading the article but which losh is it and I'm willing to offer my help.
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