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  1. i have had cats up to 115lb but they fight best when you get a 40lb to 60lber on 15lb mono line my century sp take a bit of a beating lol
  2. nice one mate they do put up a good fight
  3. yes it put up a good fight it ran right across the other side of the lake to start with i thought i was never going to stop it
  4. yes they have stoped it the biggest last uk cat was 61lb they stop it a few years back and it wont be long till the carp record will go like you say its a shame really
  5. hi no it was not goliath but thats is the lakes i fish houchens i have had cats up to 49lb in there i had the 61lb cat from witch lakes
  6. its a shame really becaust catfishing is getting very popular in the uk
  7. i have not fished the lakes with the big cats in much this year money is a bit tight i fish caps waters now as its only 80 pounds for the year not 100 pounds for 48h 61lb is a good size cat put up a nice fight
  8. hi all just thought i would put up a post to see how people are getting on ive had 9 cats this year from 4lb to 61lb
  9. hi all i live local to suffolk water park but have never fished it have any of you been there or know wot it is like cheers mike
  10. just got back from the tackel shop and i have got some lob worm casters hemp and sweetcorn and some meat hopefully i will have a good session the swim i will be fishing has the water fountin in front of my and lilly pads and reads to my left and right i will be fishing it for the next 7 days
  11. hi i am going to try useing the lift float i like that style of fishing i am going to try some lunching meat in the margins and hopefully this will pay off ihave got 7 days to try and get it right
  12. good morning, i am off on a weeks fishing trip on saturday it is only a small lake about 1 acar it has got a small water fountin a read bed and lilly pads i am going to try and catch some nice tench could any one give me any tips ie useing a leadger rod or flot rod and wot sort of set up do you find best thanks michael
  13. gary at Markhams is a very helpfull guy i get some of my bits form there i allso get some of my gear form birds in claydon
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