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  1. Thanks for all your feedback on my previous threads. So this year I’m going to teach myself UL (Finesse angling) and target perch, chub and the odd pike on the stretch of Thames and a small tributary close to me. As this is technique is new to me thought I’d tap into your wealth of knowledge and see what you think of these rods and reels. Also any other tips you may have on this technique of fishing… ColinW made a point in an earlier thread and, from what I’ve searched for anyway, he’s right about the lack of decent spinning rods over here. So I’m cashing in on the strength of the
  2. Thanks for all the feed back guys. Newt you raise a point about centerpins reels, I like the idea of learning to use one. Having never used one before is there a specific type I should be looking for for spinning? Is a really tricky skill that will take years to perfect?
  3. Till last year was a bit of a fair weather fisherman. However I really got into it last season and this year really want to concentrate on spinning for perch and chub on the quite stretch of river I live near. So before I go and throw money at my local tackle shop owner I thought i'd better get some advice from you pros. So is it fixed spool, spincast or underspin reel? Pros and cons ...
  4. Can any one recommend a decent light weight spinning rod for under £100.00. Really interested to hear some of your opinions on the best rod (and reel for that matter). Thanks Ben
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