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  1. I appreciate your comments chris, but if you have a read into it, its perfectly fine. The confusion comes from the fact that dealers, or the trade cannot post to individuals, but as a private seller, any sub 12lb rifle is legal to post.
  2. if its FAC, then it needs to be face to face, if not, (under 12 ft lbs) it can be posted. a RFD cant post either since around 2006, as new gun laws came into effect. this one i can send perfectly legal, legit, kosher,safe, hallal......ect..
  3. yup, thanks for that Chris, but its ok to post them. the law is for firearms dealers. as this is sub 12 ft lbs, its fine.
  4. i know my first post is a sale, but please have mercy as i can see that people are looking for this type of thing on here. as the title says. this is a Stingray II, and comes with, gun, Bushnell 4x12x40 scope, mounts, Realtree sling, green gunslip, loads of pellets,targets. this is a USED gun. it has a few tiny marks on the blueing, and on the stock. its not mint, as it gets used. but is in GREAT CONDITION. cash or cheque. £200 + £25 posted. many thanks.
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