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    Thanks for all this info, I honestly didn't realise there were so many contradictory arguements regarding game fish. Never realised rainbows were not a desired species despite a few 3lb/4lb+ fish I saw being stunning looking fish. How can anyone be expected to fish for Grayling only and not have a by-product catch, even in closed season? The trout were everywhere and although I used red/white maggot exclusively, others reported they took trout on bread, sweetcorn, casters etc etc. The only Grayling I caught was 8" long but I did catch brown and rainbow trout, salmon parr and I am right in thin
  2. Blockhead


    Anderoo, can you explain to a bit of a novice what you mean by this please. PM me if you like. Thanks.
  3. Blockhead


    If that was aimed at me then I do apologise. Didn't know so I'll remove it if anyone disapproves.
  4. Blockhead


    First off a big thinks to Tony & Sue for their organisation and Vidar for inviting me along. I had a great day out in the pouring rain. It was good to meet so many of you yesterday even though I don't frequent this forum that often, it was a pleasure to talk to those who I did meet. I'm not that much of an angler to be honest so an invite to an AN fish-in by Vidar had me wondering how I would cope as I've only been fishing for 18 months or so, mostly alongside Vidar on the odd day out. Usually he whips me hands down on either species or size and the day started that way with Vidar hook
  5. I've been experimenting with circle hooks when float fishing a juicy fat lobworm on a stillwater for Perch. Not missed a bite as yet with several nice hungry Perch perfectly scissor hooked, ranging from some nice little 6" tiddlers up to 1lb 12oz this afternoon. All to a size 6 hook. Works every time for me, I'm converted !!!!
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