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  1. Thanks for the reply Neil. I'm getting rather excited now - usually my holidays with the family involve flying to somewhere full of tourists, suffering busy beaches and the like - so this will be the first time in 20 odd years of a proper relaxing holiday for me. Decided to take the Fox Avon rod (float and quiver sections), the dropshot rod and the 14 foot Drennan float.Hopefully should cover everything. Getting disillusioned a bit with the carp puddles so leaving all the carp gear at home to learn something new, hopefully this will reinvigorate my fishing somewhat.
  2. Been fishing for over 30 years, but as stupid as it sounds - I've never fished a proper river before. Have a week in a lovely thatched cottage just North East of Fordingbridge in August which sits on the River Avon (with private fishing included), and wondered what species as well as recommended methods might be in that stretch? I was thinking quivertipping for any chub/roach/perch that might be about and perhaps trying to teach myself long-trotting (I have a 14ft Drennan float rod and a centrepin somewhere). Any barbel on the stretch? Cheers Jason
  3. Yeah its a shame - the lads first fish should be caught with his Dad (as was mine) as its something he'll remember. Still I'll make sure he has a good day and hopefully he'll catch the fishing bug that will stay with him. Will give the short length of pole elastic a go, as I said an elastic kit would be worth more than the pole so not worth fitting a proper top section. Cheers Jas
  4. Quick question for the more knowledgeable. I've agreed to take my young nephew out with me to a local pond during the summer holidays as he wants to try a spot of fishing. Now the pond is full of small roach, perch and skimmers averaging less than half a pound so he should be in for a good day. After getting rid of most of my float/coarse gear ages ago, I've found a couple of telescopic whips in the shed (3 metre and 4 metre) which I can rig up and let him have a go with but knowing the exuberance of youth, I had the idea of tying a short length of pole elastic to the eye and attaching the l
  5. just getting back into fishing after a few years break - am guessing that the practice of undesirables sneaking onto fisheries, using fixed lines and taking carp home for the pot is over now? I almost had a fit if when I saw the carp on sale at my local supermarket, for the benefit of the Poles I guess - labelled as "French Carp" - best french import is a dead french import though (yup I was an ECHO member )
  6. Thats it - cheers its been driving me mad all day.
  7. After chatting to a friend today about the credit-crunch the conversation drifted (as it usually does) into what would happen if you had to provide food for yourself/family. It reminded me of a fishing series that was on TV a while ago (might have been on Sky) about the anglers who were taken to different waters and had to catch fish for their dinner or they went hungry, I quite enjoyed that - anyone remember what it was called? Cheers Jas
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