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    i live in warrington try the brickpits at fearnhead just of the birchwood express way, its an easy water to fishyou are almost guarenteed a pike,try lamprey.Another venue worth a try is sankey valley canal towards arpley meadows if you walk down the canal chucking lures across its possible to get numerous pike. Lymn dam also holds some large pike its day ticket but its a big water and hard fishing if you are just targeting a particular species good luck and tight lines
  2. i have fished sankey canal many times for pike,i find the best results come if you walk along the bank and keep casting lures across and retrieving, its possible to get about 6 or 7 pike depends on how far you walk.most are jacks with the occasional double but this method is far more productive than sitting on one peg. try the section between arpley meadows tip and fiddlers ferry power station
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