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  1. cheers martin to be honest all i seem to do is try loads of dif boilies but just want to stick to 1 or 2 as fed up with all the dif bags in the freezer lol
  2. hello people im looking to start using 1 of either the matrix boilie from premier baits or supa-natural rustic boilie from heathrow baits for the new season has anyone had any experience with either of these boilies and if so what one would you reccomend? your help would be very much appreciated. thanks
  3. hi again ppl just a quicky question have tried to find the answer on here but cant, is vitalin classed as particles????? as the only particles on my lakes you can use are hemp & sweetcorn and i was thinking of getting some vitalin but thought id better find out 1st. many thanks paul
  4. thanks guys i have had a look on you tube to see how to make a zig rig seems like something ill be able to do easily and im looking forward to friday when ill be going back there to have another go n with the tips you hv gave me i feel i have a better chance now thanks once again to all of you.
  5. hi davyr im am very new to fishing and hv not got a clue how to use a marker float set up
  6. they were carp newt, only have 2 ledger rods so never tried to fish from the top
  7. hi ppl i have just joined 3 medway valley fisheries lakes trout, ford and woodlands i hv had 2 blank sessions on woodlands and dnt know what im doing wrong aint even had a bite its like 30ft deep i must of see 30-40 fish swimming up near the top but not on the bottom where my bait was lol, cant think y but the depth is really playing on my mind. im only a beginner so any advice on what i should do or try??? would be very very helpful. thanks paul
  8. cheers den thats on kingfisher but there not accepting any new members till next year it says
  9. cheers steve having a look at them now, have you fished any of these yourself?
  10. cheers wayne one hopes so as its a blinking mine field out there n dont really wanna be wasting my money just want gd fairly easy fishing nice surroundings n nice size carp so i can learn the trade. hope i aint asking to much lol
  11. mad569797


    Hi everyone im new to this site so be nice lol I have just moved to larkfield in kent and it seems most lakes are membership only. i dnt mind this but hey £250+ is a bit much for me i have come across 2 kingfisher & cranbrook and district angling club are these any good?? there are so many up these ways i dont know what one is good or not. im a beginner fisher and like to go for carp mainly could anyone please recommend a place to join that aint to far from where i live that costs no more than £100 a season???????? thanks
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