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  1. Hi All, my name is Reeco and I`m the Development Co-ordinator for SWKA ( South Wales Kayak Anglers ) http://www.swka.org.uk As a group of Kayak Anglers since May 07, we formalized in September 09 to become the 1st Official Kayak Angling Club of its kind. We are a friendly bunch and actively look to improve our sport and develop a network of Kayak Anglers across South Wales. Kayak Fishing is getting very popular and has been recognised that the Kayaking element places this sport in the extreme bracket, especially when touring open sea. Safety is of vital importance to every member of the club and we actively encourage people to go out in groups rather than alone. Our club is not an instructional club, we have no formally trained coaches and we urge all persons seeking paddling guidance to contact their local Paddle Club, which can be found in our Web Safety Section. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Kayak Fishing and wish to join us on any of our fishing sessions throughout South Wales. http://swka.org.uk/members/members/join
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