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  1. New Issue Of 'Sea Watch' On Anglers Net There can’t be many sea anglers out there who wouldn’t love to catch a big turbot and that’s exactly what Dave Barham and Jim Midgley are after when they head out over the famous Shambles Bank in this new episode of ‘Boat Fishing With Barham’ from Fishing TV. The guys are champing at the bit, as in the week leading up to the trip umpteen 20lb-plus turbot have been fooled by drifting baits across the famous sand banks; and the boys are looking for a big flattie of their own. WATCH SEA WATCH ON ANGLERS NET Learn how tide strength, speed and wind di
  2. I hope Elton's okay with me posting this as it is a bit of a plug, but UK sea angling is pretty short of TV shows and I thought you guys might like to know that Boat Fishing Monthly editor and general good old boy Dave Barham is presenting a new series for us called Boat Fishing With Barham and the first one - smoothhound hunting off Holyhead - has just gone up.... BOAT FISHING WITH BARHAM... http://www.onlinefishing.tv/articles/detai...-smoothies/low/
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