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  1. Intersting about the forceps being confiscated, when I came back this year I watch my jacket as it went throught the scanner. I could see my forceps, which I'd left in the top pocket, clear as day but they didn't bat an eyelid at Madrid Airport. Nothing worse than inconsistency for leaving you confused about what can and cannot be done. Still can't get a response out of Easyjet as to why fishing tackle is not classed as sports equipment. If you check out the website http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Foreigntravel/AirTravel/DG_176922 there is a list of what is and isn't permitted. Surprisingly, given what most people think, small scissors or scissors with blunt / rounded ends are permitted. So I guess forceps shouldn't actually be a problem. More food for thought. Paul
  2. To back up the inconsistency of the airport' policy - I brought Angling Times in the shop after going through security - complete with a spool of line! Just goes to show they haven't really got as clue about what is a threat and what isn't. Has anyone noticed any difference between airlines in their approach to fishing tackle? I always have a battle with Easyjet over my rod tube. Easyjet Company policy is that fishing tackle is not sports equipment so I can't book it in as such. Staff at Bristol and Madrid Airports continually tell me it is obviously sports equipment so I should pay the extra. I can't get Easyjet to tell me why parascending and scuba diving are sports but fishing is not - seems a bit arbitary to me. cheers Paul
  3. For some 20 years I have been flying to various parts of the world for my fishing. When doing so and taking my own reels with me, I have always carried them, complete with line and spools, in my hand luggage primarily to keep the weight of my hold baggage within the restrictions set by the airlines. This has never been a problem. This August I travelled to Spain via Bristol Airport on my annual Comizo trip and I was made to strip all the line off my reels before they would allow me through security. Apparently the DfT have introduced new regulations making fishing line a security risk! 5 reels (including 2 big baitbaitrunners) - over 1000m of line, never used, dumped on the floor and binned. As you can guess I was well impressed. Two points to this post:- Firstly, as a warning to others who may fall foul of the new regulations Secondly to see if anyone else has experienced this at either Bristol or other airport Cheers Paul
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