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  1. December has arrived and for the last month it's already been full 'winter mode' for us here in the Florida Keys. The great thing about living and fishing down here is there is great fishing all year round. The winter however is probably the most dramatic change we get as far as variety of things that we fish for. In the everglades with the colder water temperatures the fish often push out of the shallows and flats areas, and move into the deeper creeks, canals, channel run-offs, and island moats. Especially during a cold front with howling north winds and temperature drops, if you catch it right you can catch good fish almost every cast some days. We've already had 3 good cold fronts where the temperatures dropped to around 60 degrees, and now that the fish have adjusted the fishing really lit up afterwards. We've had several good days of catching redfish, snook, black drum, and sheepshead. Some nice size trout have shown up in some of the channel run-offs too, normal for the winter time. The last few times back during the right conditions, catches of up to 40 or more of these fish were the norm. When the water is cold shrimp is all you need for bait which is readily accessible at every local bait shop. When things warm up slightly the fishing is still good, we often are fishing live pilchards for snook and redfish, but the fish spread out a bit more often times. In the gulf the spanish mackerel have shown up in full force. We've been running a little past the everglades national park boundary and chumming big schools of spanish mackerel up. Most days produce double digit catches, and some days it has been so good that when you hook one fish, another one comes and tries to bite the knot! Big blacktip sharks are also feeding out in those areas, and on the falling tide it can be excellent fishing for these brutes. Further out cobia and triple tail are being found off structure such as wrecks and stone crab trap lines, and of course goliath grouper can be caught out there too. Last time out there looking for cobias, we had a pack of 10 or so pop up with fish as big as 40 lbs. A 300+ lb goliath grouper came up and tried to eat one that we hooked, luckily we were able to keep that from happening! On the ocean side patch reef fishing is very good too. We've had strong catches of porgy and hogfish - some of the best eating fish there is down here. My anglers regularly bring these fish to local resturants and have them prepared all different kinds of ways! This is a great half day option as many of these areas are only a 10 minute ride from the dock, and with the predominant north winds it is actually farily calm as the shallow ocean side is protected by the keys themselves with the wind coming from the bay/gulf side. There is also plenty of snapper, grouper, mackerel, jacks, and the occasional permit out there too. Tarpon fishing will be slow throughout the winter, though usually by February we start having better fishing for them. Of course if there is a string of warm days with southeaserly winds, tarpon can pop up any time of year. If your looking to go on the fishing trip of a lifetime, Islamorada should be on your list. You don't have to worry about any snow down here and Bud n' Mary's Marina has plenty of full time, professional guides waiting to put you on the fish! Capt. Rick Stanczyk rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Fishing Charters at Bud n Marys Marina
  2. August is upon us and so is the heat here in Islamorada, Florida Keys. The fishing can be just as hot though so that is a good thing. On my full day trips we've been hitting the water early getting a 6 AM departure which helps a lot with bait catching and fishing in general as the early hours are often more productive. However early afternoon fishing can still be good too it just takes a little knowledge where to go, usually involving cooler currents, deeper water, etc... Tarpon fishing has still been pretty good for the most part though getting inconsistent. Whereas end of june through the tail end of mid-july, many of my tarpon spots held hungry fish every day like clockwork if you got there first thing in the morning, now some days they are there and some not. Or some days they will eat and others they don't seem interested. Though my best days this week we landed 9 out of 12 tarpon in two trips, most in the 30 to 60 lb range. I've been fishing mostly fresh mullet that we catching first thing in the morning still in the backcountry. In the bays the trout and snapper fishing has been best out closer to the gulf. Here the water is cooler and also alive with various baitfish - ballyhoo, pilchards, pinfish, mullet, and more. Often I am anchoring on the edges of banks out there and chumming up the bait. Whilst doing that, anglers can fish off the opposite side of the boat and catch good size mangrove snapper on cut bait, trout, ladyfish, and other specimens. When the live pilchards come up in the chum, time to throw the net. These guys are great bait for tarpon, snook, redfish, and more. But mostly I am using them for snook. Pitching around the shorelines and island moats has been producing nice fighting snook on light tackle. In some of the deeper holes off the mainland area, I did have several days of catching big snook in the 10 to 15 lb range which was great to see. We've also had action with large goliath grouper in these holes as well. Some of them outclass the tackle, but we managed to land a 150 lber the other day on a 15-30 lb rated rod! Other smaller goliaths we've been getting are usually more manageable. This has been my routine most days, and on a good day you can get all of the above mentioned fishing into an action packed trip of a life time. Of course not all days do the fish cooperate as you like, but the great thing about the Florida Keys and Islamorada in particular is there is always something else to fish for. The gulf can be great for permit and tripletail this time of year as well as some straggling cobia. And don't forget the guys with the real skinny water boats are mohawking the redfish early in the mornings up in 4 inches of water. Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Sight Fishing Guide Capt. Rick Stanczyk
  3. Summer time in the Florida keys. It's getting hot but so is the fishing! Summer tarpon action has been steady with a good push of fish showing up in the everglades, and many still found locally around the Islamorada area. We've been leaving early in the mornings and fishing later in the evenings to beat the heat, but also catch the good bite drifting live crabs. The falling tide provides the best action for this. There can still be some mullet found though you have to know where to look for them, and they can be fished live or dead for great tarpon action. The full days to the everglades we are often catching mullet early first thing then fishing the channels and beaches for tarpon. In the bays the trout and snapper are numerous, with several big snappers back there preparing for the spawning migration out to the reef. Snook and redfish are possible, early morning is best and these fish can be found most numerous on the flats and potholes, though some snook can still be caught in the creeks and off the mangrove shorelines with pilcahrds and pinfish. The occasional tripletail is still found floating in the gulf, as well as numerous permit on structure out there including on many wrecks and markers. Summer time is a great time to come fishing, and July is often great for tarpon in the everglades and permit in the gulf! Capt. Rick Stanczyk rick@seethefloridakeys.net Keys Shark Fishing
  4. Summer time is officially here in the Florida Keys. Summer time tarpon are here too. Those are more of the resident fish that can be found in the backcountry and around Islamorada that are often smaller in size but just as fun to catch. We've been finding lots of mullet in the backcountry and getting those early in the morning then fishing the channels and bays. We went 8 for 14 the last two days, most fish are in the 30 to 60 lb range though we did finish the day today with a 100 lber locally around Islamorada. In the backcountry they've been biting on the in and out tides, morning or afternoon - sometimes both! In the bays trout and snapper are in good supply though the mangroves should be moving offshore soon to spawn. Snook can be found throughout the cape and flamingo areas, and most the redfish this time of year are up in the super skinny water, so make sure you bring your shallow draft boat for them! With the winds that have been blowing I haven't been out in the gulf much though that is often a good bet this time of year for permit. Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing
  5. Well we've been on a warming trend here in Islamorada and that means big fish are not far behind in the backcountry everglades. Lately we've had some good action with a variety of sharks, goliath grouper, cobia, sea monsters, and even seeing some tarpon. As march draws nearer the action will be getting more and more consistent. This week we tangled with several big fish on the last couple of trips I made. One day we got a big sea monster of 300 lbs or so, plus a 150 lb goliath grouper, and a nice undersized but fun cobia. Also got plenty of blacktip sharks that day. Today we had more blacktip sharks, had one tarpon bust a bait early in the morning but miss it... unfortunately that was it on the tarpon action though we saw more around throughout the day. We did get another big sea monster and a nice 45 lb cobia off his back, and about a 100 lb hammerhead shark which was really cool. What we do on a lot of these trips is start out early in the morning catching stuff for bait.. mostly ladyfish is what we are after for that. But in the mix you get nice trout, pompano, spanish mackerel, bluefish, and jack crevalle. Then we fish those cut on the bottom or live on top, or both! Some days the action is hot and heavy, other days you have to wait, but we fish a variety of channels and holes to give us the best shot at getting a good mix of big guys to pull on! In March once the weather and temperatures stabilize the tarpon fishing will be much more consistent, so if your interested in that it is time in a few more weeks!!! Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Key Largo Fishing Charter
  6. The last few days of November we had here look to be fairly windy, so I was glad to get out and enjoy some fun fishing for myself on 11/28/12. We hit a couple gulf spots early in the day on the last of the falling tide. Caught a cobia and nice redfish both on pinfish on different spots, hit a few more though no other luck. When the tide started coming in we ran back to cape sable and looked in one of the creeks back there. Had a slow pick of redfish, catching between 15 and 20, plus plenty of jacks, ladyfish, and a few trout and snapper. The fish are not quite loaded up in the deeper creeks, once we have another good cold front I imagine it will get real good. Once the water rose higher we ran back to one of the larger canals in the everglades and looked for some snook. Did catch one nice snook and red on the shoreline on the way back. Ended up catching 3 more snook in 2 different spots in the big canal we fished, all on pinfish. Some nice size snook which are always lots of fun! A great end to another great day on the water! Capt. Rick Stanczyk rick@seethefloridakeys.net Fishing Islamorada Florida Keys Fishing Reports Islamorada Fishing
  7. We've had a lot of wind the last couple days and it's expected to continue through the weekend from 10/12/12. Yesterday it was a hard northwest wind of 20 mph and we made our way back to islamorada backcountry fishing cape sable hoping the northerlyeasterly wind would hold there and keep the waters semi-clean. Unfortunately it swung around from the northwest which it has a way of doing back there this time of year october fishing in the florida keys, and the water in the gulf was a mess plus big swells making the ride a little bouncy but nothing my seacraft couldn't handle. Luckily the water where we fished was semi-protected, we fished some points on the low water as it was just starting in and picked a few nice reds and a snook on pinfish, also our friend Bob Mclure who fished with us hooked and lose a very nice snook on light tackle casting shrimp. Bob was a major league pitcher for 20 years in the MLB, pitching for many teams including the Brewers in the 1982 world series. Great to have him join us on this october islamorada fishing report. He has still coached for many teams in the last couple decades, including our own Miami Marlins! We tried a few other mouths and points however the high water seemed to have the fish scattered further in for our october fishing in islamorada. So went deep into some of the creeks to some very shallow stuff, luckily the in tide and high water I had no problem getting my larger boat around. We found some neat spots, picking half a dozen reds or so in 4 spots, plus a few more snook and a black drum, all in 2 foot of water or less. Redfish in Islamorada is going to be great this winter! Later we headed back towards home and fished east cape. Got into several nice snook here catching another 5 or so, plus losing several on trees and downed debris, plus some more nice reds and a small goliath. Islamorada snook fishing is great in the fall! We also found a few more nice spots with reds in deeper water, and had one tarpon eat and spit a pinfish. Also lost a snook who jumped into a tree that was likely close to 20 lbs! Very fun day didn't get in till almost 5:00! Capt. Rick Stanczyk rick@seethefloridakeys.net Fishing Islamorada
  8. Well everything seemed to settle down after the minimal tropical storm we encountered last week. The weather has been been very good, with moderate to light winds in the 5 to 12 knot range for the most part. The Mahi bite has still been fair the past few days. If you find the right piece of debris (which holds bait and keeps the mahi around), your day can be made, which happened on the Catch 22 a few days ago. They found a piece of bamboo and caught 50 mahi off it to 12 lbs! But a few other boats didn't catch any mahi, but all of them found plenty of blackfin tuna up to 10 lbs on the humps. There's also been some decent bottom fishing for tilefish and grouper in the 500' depth range. The Gon Fishin V had a mixed bag with a little bit of every thing a few days ago including a decent wahoo on the way out. The Predator had a very happy couple who caught a bunch of schoolie mahi as well as some blackfin tuna and skipjacks. On the very deep side of fishing, the Daytime Swordfish bite has been as good as ever!!! Capt. Scott on the Catch 22 put original boat owner of the "Catch 22", Charlie, on a 180 lb daytime broadbill a few days ago. Capt. Nick Stanczyk fished with George Poveromo for a couple days shooting an episode for George's TV show, which will air early 2013. The first day we caught 256 lb broadbill, and the next day we caught a few tuna, mahi, and then released an estimated 175 lb broadbill, so keep an eye out early next year for the show. We got out on the BNM today and caught a 300 lb sword on the first drop! George Poveromo went out for fun today on his boat with Carl, who ran the camera boat for two days, and after a 7 hour battle on the stand up tackle they boated a 380 lb sword! Book your Islamorada Fishing Trips for this Fall Soon! Capt. Rick Stanczyk rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada offshore fishing Islamorada Fishing Report
  9. Islamorada fishing in July has been action packed, but it has been hot! Most of the time leaving early has helped, as often mid-day things kind of slow down due to the heat. We've had a little bit of everything going on in the everglades backcountry fishing. There has been a good bite of redfish and a handful of snook, mostly found in the shallows this time of year site fishing. However, you can often stake up and fish channel run-offs on the end of the falling tide and blind cast to catch these fish, or get up around the islands on the in tide and find them feeding as the flats get covered up. Pinfish are a good live bait to try, as well as cut ladyfish or mullet, or shrimp on jigs will work too. Eric pictured below caught this nice 12 lb red blind casting GULPs with me a few days ago! Trout, ladyfish, mangrove snapper, and jacks have been plentiful in the bays, and are a good bet for taking home some good dinner fish as well as using for bait for larger prey. We had some folks out yesterday and it was almost a bite every cast, and some good slot size trout as well as legal mangrove snappers. Shrimp or GULP artificials are a good bet here, often it's tough to get decent size live shrimp but the fake stuff will work. We had been still catching some of the giant 'sea monsters' a.k.a. sawfish while fishing for sharks, tarpon, goliaths, etc... though they are mostly gone now until the spring again. The goliath grouper bite in the gulf has been good, as well as some tarpon deep in the everglades and around the local islamorada bridges in the early morning and evenings. We had some good evening tarpon trips recently, with several mutli-fish trips and fish up to 120 lbs. Yesterday we got into some nice permit out in the gulf, catching about 8 in total which was lots of fun! Into August some of this fishing will hopefully hold up, and it's a good time of year to come as there are many less boats on the water! Capt. Rick Stanczyk rick@seethefloridakeys.net Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys
  10. Fishing this month in Islamorada, Florida Keys has been fantastic. The mild winter has kept our waters very warm and as far as the fish are concerned, spring is here. Tarpon have started to show up pretty good back in the cape area, all around flamingo and the everglades, and even in the bays in the local fly fishing holes on flat calm days. We had some good nights bridge fishing, catching several fish in the 80-100 lb range fishing early in the morning. There have been plenty of redfish and snook around in the backcountry as well, they've moved from the deeper creeks and canals to the shallows. The morning after a recent (and likely are last) cold front, it blew a steady 25 mph, but we made it back to one of my honey holes and caught approx. 30 snook and 20 redfish, plus some sheepshead and black drum! Many of the shorelines and islands with downed trees are a good bet for finding these fish, they can also be found in numbers up on the flats where they can be sight fished. Plenty of trout, ladyfish, jacks, snappers, and the likes can be found in muds in the bays, and there are even still a few mackerel, bluefish, and pompano around though they are starting to thin out as the water temperatures rise. Some permit and cobia have shown up in the gulf, and even some permit on the offshore wrecks on the atlantic side have been spotted. We had some good bonefishing on some of the recently windy, overcast days which gave us good stake up conditions, catching 3 one morning in the 6 - 8 lb range. Now being at the beginning of March, we've had some very windy days which is not unusual, but luckily you can always sneak out to do something here in our area. Business is good, looks like I'll be fishing every day this month, and starting the night trips a month early since the big tarpon are here now. It's a great time to be a fishing guide in Islamorada! Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Fishing
  11. Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished a full day today on 1/6/12 and headed back into the everglades early. Yesterday some big schools of snook showed up way in the back, likely from this cold weather driving them down from the gulf coast of florida. These fish were there today for our islamorada snook fishing trip. We set up early, leaving the dock by 7 AM. Shrimp was the bait of choice hooked through the horns on troll-rites, as the water was still cold. Fish bit all through the end of the falling tide, slack tide, and the in tide. We never moved all day, probably caught close to 40 snook, several nice size specimens such as these. Also about a dozen redfish, handful of larger ones. A couple black drum, trout, and sheepshead! Aside from a few other boats running in on top of us and practically casting into our boat, it was a great day on the water! Come on down for some january fishing in islamorada! Aside from the last few days we've had a pretty mild winter - lots of fish to catch that haven't been blown out by the cold. As you can see even when we do get the cold snaps, it often brings some different angling opportunities! Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Fishing
  12. Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished two half days today on 11/3/11. This morning had Keith Krunk down with a group also fishing Capt. Jack Backus and Capt. Ed Cale. We fished out west trying for spanish mackerels since a few have been showing up since the temperatures have dropped. Today the wind fell down to 5-10 mph, from blowing over 25 mph yesterday out of the north! Lots of cool air, but at least not so rough today! The macks did not bite great this morning with the in tide, though we caught a handful and pulled some off. Lots of big ladyfish as well as some jacks and snappers. Kept us busy! This afternoon when the tide starting falling into the gulf with the wind behind it, it was game on with the spanish mackerel fishing! Had Jeremy and his dad out who fished with my monday AM, we had caught some trout, snapper, ladyfish, and a few macks that day, plus an 80 lb goliath. Though got drenched on the way in and caught in a nasty storm. They braved it again and had a beautiful afternoon. Caught probably 30 mackerels along with plenty of jacks too, some nice size mackerel too. The big blacktips were also chewing and going crazy, we got one to the boat and broke off probably 4 or 5 as they jumped and twisted, straightening hooks and breaking #9 wire! Lots of fun to watch! At the end we hooked something big on the bottom, not a black tip this time... We chased after it, too big to stop anchored. Thought it was a big nurse shark, but no - big 400 lb goliath grouper! Got him up to the surface and he soaked us with a splash of his tail. Got him up again and he calmed down for some pictures, close to 7 feet long! Great way to end the day for these guys on their florida keys fishing trip! Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Fishing
  13. Islamorada fishing has been pretty good this October with ideal conditions for several different species! A few of the days we've had some rain and overcast skies which has been great for bonefishing on the ocean side flats. Big schools of fish pushing through, and some large ones. Sight fishing is not very easy, but stake-up fishing is something you can do with the high water and glare to catch them! We got this nice 10 lb fish the one day we went. The fall mullet run is happening in the everglades and close to home here in Islamorada - big schools of mullet in lots of places! We netted quite a few one day and went in the back and the tarpon were everywhere! Caught a nice snook on one, and a large tarpon as well, plus had a few more chase the baits and miss them. These tarpon should stick around till are first legit cold front and the water temps drop significantly. Redfishing has been pretty good around the flats and islands near flamingo and the cape. Look for these fish to get in the deeper ditches when it cools down too, along with the black drum, trout, ladyfish, pompano, etc... The spanish mackerel have been showing up here and there, and with a good push of cold air should be getting red hot - remember the big ones come early often in November along with the big black tip sharks! We had one flat calm gorgeous day and caught a nice permit on the edge of the gulf on some dead shrimp since we had no crabs, a lucky catch on light tackle! The gulf fishing will be a good option in November here too before it gets too cold, cobias, permit, goliaths, etc... Finally the patch reefs should light up too when the water temps do get close to 70, mangrove snappers, mackerel, yellowtail, groupers, hogfish, all very good eating fish! Come on down for some florida keys fishing charters, remember you can pick and choose your days now while business is slow, giving you the ideal conditions to catch what you want! Capt. Rick Stanczyk 305-747-6903 rick@seethefloridakeys.net Islamorada Fishing
  14. We had John and Pam aboard the BNM out of Bud n' Mary's Marina in Islamorada, Florida for a Florida Keys Fishing Trip on 9-24-11. Pam insisted they were lucky and we were going to catch a swordfish guaranteed. I told both of them we had a good shot, but there had been quite a few small fish around which can be very frustrating when trying to hook them in the daytime. John is a Navy vet returned to the U.S. and was very much looking forward to a fishing trip! Well it wasn't long until their luck kicked in, on the way out at 15 knots our high speed lure starts screaming and 10 minutes later John catches his first wahoo, a nice 28 lber. I was thinking at least we didn't get skunked today. We continued out to the swordfish grounds and a few miles inside we found a nice weed line with some mahi on it. We hit one school and caught 15 nice schoolies and a couple small gaffers. Both John and Pam were all smiles and I though maybe they wouldn't even notice if we didn't catch a swordfish. An hour later we were on the bottom in 1500' drifting for a broadbill. After 30 minutes we hooked up, the fish seemed small, and after 10 minutes he threw the hook. We make another drift in the same area, but after an hour with no bite, we wind up. I run a few miles south and drop again. After 45 minutes without a bite, we get ready to wind up, and there she is. We're hooked up to a daytime sword. John gets in the chair and goes to work. After an hour I see the fish, I know she's big, but not quite how big. The fish dives all the way back to the bottom and John goes back to work. At 2 hours he has her near the boat again, I see the swivel behind her tail and realize the fish is foul hooked in the belly somewhere. After a couple quick loops the fish goes back to the bottom. Now we're 3 hours into the fight, and John gets the fish within 50' of the boat again, we get a quick glimpse, but down shes goes. At 4 hours into the fight, and everybody exhausted, John gets the fish 10 feet away! We get a harpoon shot, but it pulls out after a few seconds. The fish looks like it's getting tired though, but still dives back to the bottom. We've drifted 11 miles now and John has been on the fish 4 and 1/2 hours! It looks like the fish is dying, since we've been trying to pull her backwards, but she still keeps swimming. The fish makes one last dive, down to 700', luckily not the bottom again, and then races back up. I look at the clock and realize we've been on the fish 5 hours. Before I know it the fish is at the back of the boat, I run back, throw the harpoon in her, hit her with a straight gaff, Pam hands both Matt and John the other gaffs, and we get all of them in the fish. But she isn't done yet. For 5 minutes she kicks and throws water everywhere next to the boat. Finally the fish is subdued and we bring her through the door. It was the hardest fight I've ever seen on a swordfish. The fish was hooked in the anal fin, but John and Pam had good luck and somehow it stayed in the whole time. We steam for home, everybody exhausted and make the call to fire up the forklift. We hit the dock and the fish weighs in at 455 lbs! This is one of the biggest swordfish ever caught on rod and reel in the Florida Keys! We also fished the day before and went 2 for 3 on swordfish, keeping a 65 lber and releasing another. This is the place for Daytime Swordfishing! Capt. Nick Stanczyk 305-481-0366 bnmcharters@gmail.com Islamorada Fishing Charters
  15. We've caught swordfish on our last 3 trips on the BNM. The Catch 22 also had a great day with 2 broadbills and a mako yesterday. On the BNM we had Luke from Australia out for some daytime swordfishing two days in a row. The first drop on the first day he caught his very first broadbill which was a 113 lbs. His girlfriend Sarah also released her first swordfish at the end of the day. On day two we had a very slow morning. Finally late in the afternoon we had a solid hook up with a nice sword. I didn't realize the fish was as big as it was until I saw him racing around the boat lit up with an electric blue colored back. After a quick swim on top the sword went down 700 feet and Luke went to work. After 1 hour and 30 minutes we had the gaffs into a fat 248# Broadbill! Congratulations Luke! Capt. Nick Stanczyk 305-481-0366 bnmcharters@gmail.com Islamorada Fishing Charters
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