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  1. Hi, Can anyone post a link or say how to plat marabou? Also what is the best fly to tie? As I have a Fly Tying/Fishing club in school we will have a comp. Who can tie the best fly. As I am one of the best in the group (Tied for a club) I want to do something different. But I cant think what to do I'm looking through my fly book (Fishing Flies by Malcolm Greenhalgh & Jason Smalley) But what I would really like to know is how to plat a marabou tail like the 1st picture http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=living+ny...911&bih=449 Living_nymphs.htm
  2. Have any one fished Nant Moel? It got to be the best value for money and it is very good fishing. It is full of carp. Stocked once every 3 weeks with 300 rainbows. Caught loads there v.good if you are a dry fly fisherman and like to try for the carp, but they can be a pain when you are using a strike indacator. . You can join for £100 a year, open all year,or £10 a day, you go the Army and Navy Surplus, Aberdare
  3. Does any one know where I can get pike from? I have a problem with small fish in my pond and need a few pike to keep them down.
  4. goosander.bmpNever seen one of these in my life and I don't ever want to see them again. Went down the river to have a look and to pull the rod out for a min to see what I could catch. Seen these wierd birds and did'nt think any thing of it. But been down the Taff and Ely and they are every were! Seen two swimming up stream and catch a Grayling! Killing the rivers.
  5. In a newspaper that i found in my garage in 2010 a boy and his friend went for a walk after some floods and found a 2 1/2lb Brown Trout in a puddle!!!! I did not belive when I read it, I've fished the Taff with Maggots and on the fly but never caught a fish that big, but they will grow big as there are no pike in the upper part.
  6. Thanks, Here are some pics of Nant Moel Reservoir. Pic one is from a comp it won fish of the day.
  7. Hi, Do any of you have any experience of fishing for carp on the fly? I have joined Aberdare And District Angling Association and the water Nant Moel was once a carp/coarse fishery and loads of carp in there. Speeking to a guy and he said that there were loads of carp on the top in the summer, do any one know of good carp flies or what you can make one out of? Thanks FishmanGizmo
  8. Out of Nant Moel, Aberdare And D istrict Angling Association
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