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  1. will get some more pics of it all tomorrow and post on here, as i have more feeders than what is shown and another 3 tubs of ground bait lol
  2. was just about to say im in the midlands, i have just sold the seat Box tonight, as for the IM8 i dont know what it is worth, its in really good nick along with all the ends
  3. send me an email to steve@stevescleenz.co.uk and i will send some pics as i have more feeders and another 3 tubs of groundbait that isnt in the pics and then you can tell me what you are interested in cheers steve
  4. dont worry i am keeping some just incase lol, just selling the majority as i dont have as much time on my hands now that the business has really kicked off
  5. will take offers on any of it, selling as no longer used and its a waste sitting in my shed, so hope someone else can benefit from it my ebay page where its all listed but will take offers on it all http://shop.ebay.co.uk/cockanee76/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562 Shimano 8010 baitrunner aero GT 4 ball bearings Reel Team Daiwa TD1650f Reel Auction Team Daiwa TD1650f Reel Drennan 12ft IM8 super feeder with 7 various wagglers Auction Drennan 12ft IM8 super feeder with 7 various wagglers Preston Innovations Dream 15-17ft Float Rod Auction Preston Innovations Dream 15-17ft Fl
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