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  1. Kayak Fishing Santa Youtube Video ->Original Video Youtube Video ->Original Video
  2. Kayak Fishing Shack are running a competition to win a FatYak Kaafu. The odds have got to be better than doing the lottery Kaafu, Seat & Paddle
  3. FLAMBOROUGH KAYAK MATCH REPORT AND RESULTS 2012 The match was held at south landing Flamborough on the 26 TH August With a strong wind blowing Stonefish had em-posed boundary's with the Headland being out of bounds for safety With event organizer Stonefish and journalist/photographer Simon Everett That makes 58 kayak anglers preparing to launch The safety crew for the day was from Hornsea Inshore Rescue and our safety boat was Charity Venture Stonefish welcomes crew member Neil Crawthorne to Flamborough After a safety briefing covering a few issues with the weather etc 58 kayak anglers prepered to launch Simon Everett paddled to the middle to photo the pack passing The fishing would be hard and more a scratching match than the search for a big one The anglers were fishing for 1 large fish for the scales and a bag of Mackerel for a big bag Neil swims back to Charity to commence the safety for the day With the boundary's in place deep water was a struggle to find So many kayak hitting the water at one time makes a splash Some opting for a slow start One of the 1st to catch was Sam Baxter (Yakin Sam) Here he displays a school Bass Much to Sam's disappointment it did not meet the Bass Scale size so he released it to swim for another day The Kayak Sam used was very familiar with the area this surely would be an advantage at finding these allusive fish Some opted to stay close and fish in small groups All though the sun had come out it was windy but what a view the the anglers got of the south side of the head Last years event was dominated by the ocean range of kayaks It was great this year to have so many new company's yaks there and more trusty old ones the kayakers know and love And the 2 glass company's with a great fleet on the water 4 Stealth kayaks and around 10 Dorado,s made a nice sight at Flamborough Some of the kayakers stayed close and in the clam shelter of the sea cliffs some opting for the fury of the head The large swell and breaking waves had made a natural boundary wall no kayaker would of wanted to cross Although both Stonefish and Richie went for a close look at the natural wonder , most kayakers stayed well clear The result of 2 people 2 photos at the same time The fishing was hard with open water out the question Ian Pickering (Tanglefoot) here show off his Coalfish Last years 2nd place winner Dean Drew was struggling this year We had Juniors this year Some of the juniors got a helping paddle hand by Dad Pete Carr along with Andy Money & Stonefish had put up the kids prizes Jeff Elliot (01kayak) here with his fish and jester hat it seem kayakers like funny hats As you see in the back ground Charity was never far away Is it a whopper or the sea bed As the hours drew on the fishing improved for some Ryan turner getting most of his fish in the last 40 Min's A bag of rubby dubby was the solution for one angler called Jonas (Glenn) getting a great amount of fish coming to him A radio call was made to the Yorkshire Bell by Stonefish informing her of the presence of 58 kayak anglers She gave a wide berth and was thanked It was like usual fishing businesses for Andy Money (Andy M) with billet after billet When approached by Stonefish for a picture he landed a new all time billet record around 2.5 inches of squirmy billet the photo was not great You can do every thing you can to have a safe match but some things are out of your control like weather and this jet ski At 2.30 a radio announcement was made to remind the kayak anglers there was half an our left This was repeated at 10 minute intervals until 3 pm The scales opened and fish were weighed and counted It was decided the results and prize giving would be done at the camp site With the fishing being so close it took Stonefish around an hour to work the results It had even come down to comparing fish for Length and example of species Gray (Graham Scott) and Hoggy (Neil Hogg) had examples of the species that were truly awesome a macky around 50 cm long and a flatty that was like a dinner plate They were awarded a bottle of spirit each for there fish by Colin Welburn and Alain Storey for the examples of species The prizes would be up to 10th place for both the Macky Bash and Biggest Fish MACKY BASH RESULTS 10th lawrence Taylor 9th Peter Carr 8th Glenn (Jonas) 7th Steven Beech 6th Cristoptor Allers 5th Graham Scott 4th Dean Andrew 3rd Gary Kirkham 2nd Andrew Money 1st Richard Oliver THE BIGGEST FISH 10th Andrew Board 9th Andrew Parry 8th Michael Webb 7th Glenn (Jonas) 6th Lawence Tayor 5th Ryan Turner 4th Ian Pickering 3rd Dean Ashcroft (junior) 2nd Ivan Hutchinson 1st Neil Hogg All 18 place winners The top 3 biggest fish A raffle was had and seemed to go on a long time Most people who did not get a great fish got something in the raffle Hugh had sent a signed copy of his book Stonefish actioned this and made an extra £40 for the life boats A Camera that ha also slipped the prize table was later auctioned and made a further £60 The Day was put on to make money for the lifeboats and made £1216.00 for the rnli and hornsea boats Thanks to all who attended and all the sponsors for your support Stonefish (event organizer) on a personal note The winner Neil Hogg (Hoggy) had a kayak named the Yellow Submarine for a reason Neil made the most of the kayak he had and fishes well Some time people win a prize and later find they don't need or want it Neil has now a brand new FATYAK KAAFU kayak and is very happy and the kayak wont be going any where any time soon ONE VERY HAPPY HOGGY trophy from Trev
  4. Youtube Video ->Original Video
  5. thinking of selling my tarpon 120 and getting a yak board its an old one with all the usal scatches and a few more i could write loads about it but its all on the web anyway its a very capable kayak! i can sell the yak or create a package of a leaky dry suit fishfinder batt paddle and trolly etc buyer would have to collect i live in east yorkshire £350 for the yak £450 for a package cash on collection
  6. http://www.ukcampsitesearch.co.uk/northeas...flamborough.php the campsite is filling up for bank holiday weekend book to get a pitch guarantee match day is Sunday the 26Th august so book accordingly
  7. we are pleased to welcome Kayak UK as the sponsor of the bass prize at Flamborough Kayak Meet http://kayakuk.com/ Simon will be doing a at sea safety course on sat 25th aug this will also be a chance to demo the marlin and dorado we will post more info on this later Kayak UK do a great range of sea and fishing kayaks please support our sponsors and buy there products with out them you would have no prizes
  8. FLAMBOROUGH KAYAK MEET useful links & map 1 Whitby Angling Supplies https://www.whitbyanglingsupplies.com/catalog/ 2 North Landing Flamborough http://www.yorkshire-east-coast-unofficial...th-landing.html 3 Camp Site The Grange Flamboroughhttp://www.ukcampsitesearch.co.uk/northeast-england/east-yorkshire/the-grange-campsite-flamborough.php 4 South Landing Flamborough http://www.seasideyorkshire.com/towns/brid...ar-bridlington/ 5 Flamborough RNLI http://www.rnli.org.uk/rnli_near_you/north...gheastyorkshire 6 CO OP Bridlington http://www.storelocate.co.uk/co-op-food/br...martongate.html 7 Turnstone Baits & Tackle http://wis-fm.co.uk/bait.aspx 8 Bridlington Council Boat Launch http://www.eastriding.gov.uk/hyperlinks/pd...raftbooklet.pdf 9 Hornsea Inshore Life Boat http://www.hornsearescue.org.uk/ 10 Hornsea Boat Compound http://www.hornsealaunch.co.uk/ 11 Aldborough Ramp http://holderness-coast-fishing.co.uk/foru...p?topic=10896.0 12 Ringborough Gas Blow Valve http://holderness-coast-fishing.co.uk/foru...p?topic=10896.0 13 The Fishing Basket Hull http://www.hotfrog.co.uk/Companies/The-Fishing-Basket 14 Hull Angling Center http://www.colourpages.com/hull-angling-centre_s9908 15 Fishing Republic Hull http://www.fishingrepublic.net/ 16 1st Wet & Wild http://www.1stwetwild.co.uk/ 17 Kildale Marine http://www.kildalemarine.co.uk/ 18 Snack Shack Mabblethorpe http://www.snackshackcafe.co.uk/ if you are not on this list and would like adding please contact stonefishmail@yahoo.co.uk like Flamborough Kayak Meet @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flamborough-...190086287711794
  9. From Spurn Point to Runswick Bay The Yorkshire coast offers offers some of the best fishing available As the crow flys there is over one hundred miles of coast As the kayaker paddles more like over a thousand miles of weaving bays rocky outposts , long beaches , cliffs , piers and harbors we have it all Yorkshire is famous for lots of things tea , puddings but the jewel in her crown is the sea The great Yorkshire coastline 3 fantastic matches at 3 fantastic locations starting north working south Runswick bay is beautiful with great fishing were the place is as nice as the fish the beaches are clean with friendly local people next we have Scarborough with parking easy and a simple launch with plenty for the family to do the fishing is a mixed bag with many different species living there at the top of Holderness we have Flamborough a amazing place were the sea races round flamborough head making the fishing amazing and scenery to boot Runswick is the match were anglers meet party and fish offering a challenge to the competitive angler as well as fun for the novice Scarborough is a great match for competition last years winner won a scupper pro , with prizes like that this is a must for the competitive angler Flamborough is a social meet with a few prizes for the biggest fish with a fantastic atmosphere great for a play at competitive fishing with a coast as great as this and 3 kayak matches as great as this surely if you not in Yorkshire you should come and see what we have to offer! PS The site at flam will be busy as its a bank holiday im working on sercuring more pitches but please book early !!
  10. On Saturday i met up with Col and Mally for a spot of kayak fishing The plan was head to North landing Flamborough for a go bouncing hokeyes and other shiny and coulurful stuff off the sea bed Youtube Video ->Original Video When we got there it was lumpy and very very cold Mally and Col are brave souls but yhis is to much this cold We opted to go South instead as the sun may help It was a lot nicer on the South side of the head It looks nice and sunny but it is god dam frezzing It is best to keep dry when its cold but a launch here requires wet feet We were armed with jigging stuff and here the water was a little coulered we had a few unsucsessful drifts The tide was running very fast so we dicieded to hook up to a crab bouy The bouy seemed to take forever to get to We were not equiped to bait fish so armed with a mackeral and hokeyes stared to fish for whiting and flat fish we got a few of each and put a few back 2 other kayak anglers past us on the drift aproxx 20 miles an hour I felt for them knowing what paddle back lay ahead after about an hour a crab boat wanted to be at his bouy my feet were cold now so it was good to get moving again we went to some kelp beds to drift our macky over it in the hope of a hungry cod 2 shore anglers were doing the same We were getting cold so we called it a day mid after noon I got home and still had cold feet i set about turning fish into tea I filleted the whiting and flatty put em in a dish added garlic salt , pepper butter and some lemon This warmed my feet up nicley stood in front of the rayburn i cooked it on 5 bits of wood heat for 15 mins i took it out and poured the jucie away and gave it another 5 mins Result warm feet and tea was lovley al
  11. http://holderness-coast-fishing.co.uk/flam...-results-report
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