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    Complete passion for anything swimming in the Amazon, its people and the area.<br />Lure fishing.<br />Travelling.
  1. * LURE, FLY AND BAIT FISHING IN THE AMAZON AT ITS BEST!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All has been agreed and signed to enable us to fish EXCLUSIVELY on one of the very few virgin rivers left in the world, where the fish have NEVER seen a rod and line. The river is in one of the remotest and deepest part of the Amazonian jungle where the indigenous folks literally have had no or little contact with any outsiders. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a start, we will make 2 expeditions in Aug
  2. VIRGIN WATERS IN THE AMAZON - BRAZIL: EXPLORATORY TRIPS AUG/SEPT 2016 * LURE, FLY AND BAIT FISHING IN THE AMAZON AT ITS BEST!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All has been agreed and signed to enable us to fish EXCLUSIVELY on one of the very few virgin rivers left in the world, where the fish have NEVER seen a rod and line. The river is in one of the remotest and deepest part of the Amazonian jungle where the indigenous folks literally ha
  3. UK's AMAZON-ANGLER.COM's new long and short-sleeved models of our ultra fishing shirts now on sale and in stock. For the Amazon and other Tropical destinations. We designed these new long and short-sleeved technical fishing shirts specifically with adventure fishing in hot, humid climates like the Amazon jungle in mind. We wanted the coolest, lightest material on the market that would ‘slide’ over skin with no friction in the shoulders and arms while casting, and for our anglers to feel cool and comfortable all day long, no matter how high the temperature. These shirts are made using the e
  4. I spent a week in the Summer at what I can only describe as the most comfortable lodge in Brazil that I have ever experienced. This fantastic floating Hotel/Lodge gets our #1 thumbs up for the angler who wants complete comfort and pampering while able to catch a bundle of big fish. In Amazon-Angler.com’s honest opinion, we would classify this amazing floating hotel and fishing trip as our top 5* destination. For the avid lure and fly angler, this has got to go on the bucket list! In this particularly productive and varied watershed, there is a huge diversity of species to be cau
  5. For those of you with Facebook, please click on the link and check out our species list and sizes that we have had on past trips: https://www.facebook.com/steve.townson.35/media_set?set=a.10153793443507468.1073741861.707022467&type=1&pnref=story Some of you will have caught some of these species, but for those of you who would like to know about what else we have out there in the mighty Amazon, please enjoy!
  6. We have secured some really good discounted prices for some of our Peacock Bass trips to the Rio Negro and its tributaries in Brazil, deep in the jungle on both houseboat and floating pontoon/camps (all A/C throughout) during the latter end of the season from December 2015 through January, February and March 2016. For more info, please contact me at steve@amazon-angler.com https://www.facebook.com/steve.townson.35/posts/10153781919557468?pnref=story
  7. ‘LOST WORLD’ AMAZON FISHING EXPEDITION - BRAZIL, a combination 2-in-1 Giant Three Bar Peacock Bass and multi-species adventure trip set in the deepest Amazon Jungle in Indian territory. If you’ve ever wanted to do an exploratory fishing trip with a difference, then look no further! Our crew has just returned from what can only be described as a dream fishing trip in one of the world’s true last ‘Lost World’ fisheries. In the past, due to logistical challenges in accessing areas from the Guyana Shield Highland run-off rivers and into the Amazon’s lowland lakes and lagoon systems all within t
  8. Hi guys, Here is the link to our Amazon-Angler.com blog. We will constantly update it with all things new and old over the upcoming season, so please add it to your favourites and check in from time to time. http://www.amazon-angler.com/blog/4585691286 Thanks. Steve
  9. Hi guys, we will shortly be adding a great fly fishing destination to our trip list in http://www.amazon-angler.com in the foothills of the Andes in Bolivia. Set in stunning mountainous tropical jungle and clear rivers and streams, we will be targeting Giant Golden Dorado, Pacu/Morocoto, Yatorana on fly (we will allow allow use of single and barbless-hooked jigs and lures/spoons) along with some hefty Surubim and Jau Cats when anglers want a break from casting flies for hours! We will be taking two groups of 4 or one group of 6 anglers only per trip. A minimum of 4 anglers required to make th
  10. Amazon-Angler.com's Peacock Bass Season 2014/2015. THE BEST GIANT PEACOCK BASS DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLD IN THE AMAZON RAINFOREST, BRAZIL Please click on the following link for availabilities for the upcoming season: http://issuu.com/amazon-angler/docs/amazon_peacock_bass_trips_2014-2015 Anyone interested in going to a tropical paradise and tussling with these big bruisers, please email me at steve@amazon-angler.com
  11. We have incredible multi-species trips on offer this season 2014/2015. We can give you the most exciting, adrenaline fishing trips to make you remember for a lifetime all over Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. We'll be targeting Arapaima, Peacock Bass, Vampire Fish/Payara, Wolf Fish, giant Piranha, Bicuda, Pirapitinga, Pacu, Matrincha, Pescada, Arowana, Sardinata, more Cats than you can shake a rod at including Piraiba, Jau and Redtails and a multitude of other smaller species on small baits, lures and flies. We have our Summer Getaway trips coming up soon still with some availabilities, Rio
  12. This link is to some filming that we did on our 'Amazon Rainforest Explorer Camp Trip' for the adventure fishing series for Discovery UK called Fishing Expedition – Amazonia. The clip is a promo I made from the actual footage of this series and gives you a good idea of what this particular trip is all about: https://plus.google.com/photos/110577420394815597414/albums/5747105290784840017/5747121849858994338?banner=pwa&authkey=CPzF4Jb_z6zd8QE Anyone wanting a piece of this action, email me at steve@amazon-angler.com
  13. Sorry for this guys, the codes to the last links to these two destinations have been changed and the older versions can not be read anymore. Here are the new links: http://issuu.com/amazon-angler/docs/rio_azul_lodge__brazil June 20-26 http://issuu.com/amazon-angler/docs/pousada_juruena_-_brazil August 9-16 If anyone fancies a Summer Getaway for a few days, come on down.
  14. Guys, check this out to get an overview of what we are all about: http://issuu.com/amazon-angler/docs/amazon_adventure_fishing_trips
  15. Hi guys, Anyone interested in this great Summer getaway for 5 days fishing deep in the Amazon jungle, please contact me steve@amazon-angler.com I will be hosting a week at the Pousada Juruena on the Rio Juruena in the State of Mato Grosso in Brazil from August 9-15. Amazing variety of fish species with enormous Traiarao/Wolf Fish, Payara/Vampire Fish, Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Pacu, Tambaqui, Matrincha, Giant Piranhas and a bunch of Catfish from Piraiba and Redtails, Jau, Surubim and more. Check out the link: http://issuu.com/amazon-angler/docs/pou ... a_-_brazil
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