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  1. I am quite new, both to the forums and to fishing and been out of internet for a while so have not had the presence I have wanted on these forums, but all that aside I enjoy fishing in all aspects but would like 'training' so to speak. If there are any anglers living in the Addlestone, Surrey area who would allow me to tag along and learn I would be most grateful. I am specifically interested with Pike/Carp. Thanks in advanced, Elliott
  2. my house backs onto the basingstoke canal and i don't have much spare time atm to go out fishing due to work and im relativly new to fishing but i fish in my garden when i have time and i knew there were pike in there but i didnt know where to start with pike so i was fishing for roach and bream. Every now and again i will have no luck and catch nothing then two days i was reeling in a roach and as it got to the edge a pike chomped it my eyes lit up i wanted it so the next day knowing nothing about piking i went to my local tackle shop rod in had and asked them to set it up to catch pike, its now got a 10lb line a spinning trace and a lure on it but yesterday and today i hooked the pike and it managed to get away. So my questions are; Do i strike the rod when it bites? If so how hard? (i don't know the weight but it is inbetween a foot and a foot and half long) and what point do i strike the rod? (when it bite or a delay or how ever long) thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi all i always liked the thought of fishing but was always one of them who talked about it im now 19 and have moved into a house that backs onto the basingstoke canal in woking and after finding out there was fish in the canal i hopped down to the local tackle shop and bought myself a rod and bits and pieces after spending 2 hours trying to put the rod together i went to the bottom of the garden and was eager to start. Float: check, Hook: check, weight: check, maggot: check woo ready to go 1st cast stuck in the tree i was under.... next 10 didnt go anywhere.... why bail arm closed doh undo bail arm cast.... other side of the canal in the top of a different tree this was not going to well (i had way to much weight on the end lol) ended up snapping line losing my two heavy weights and a float. i decided to spit shot it and caught my first fish a small chubb i was very pleased then the next night caught 5 more and my begginers luck carryed on for a few nights but now i cant seem to pull anything out and i don't know why FYI i use a 3lb line with a size 18 hook and mix and match my bait through the day either sweetcorn maggots of bread
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