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    Hi Mike, have just last year got into kayak fishing, its just fantastic to have the freedom to visit small inlets and coves around the coast that aren't accessable by boat. I tried out quite a few before i bought and you definately must try lots before you commit as they are all so different. The one thing I would say though is get one that is as long as you can handle otherwise if you want to cover any distance it will be such hard work. The longer the sit on the faster you will go. you will of course trade this speed for manouverability so its important that you decide exactly what you want
  2. Hi there, not sure if you got my earlier reply, but I'd be interested in meeting up for a fish, ive got a tarpon 120 and have been out a couple of times in poole last year but mostly with a mate of mine who likes to paddle instead of fish. If you are stilll up for a trip sometime, when it warms up a bit, then please do get in touch, cheers, Nick.
  3. Hi there, i'm a new member for 2012. It would be good to get in touch with any kayak fishermen who go out in the lyme regis, seaton, Bere, areas who wouldn't mind a keen novice tagging along. Ive got a tarpon 120 and some fishing kit. I did a few trips last year and had lots of mackeral as well as some pollack. I can't wait to get out again but on your own its a bit boring, so if any members are up for meeting up the it would nice to hear from you, cheers, Nick.
  4. Hi There, am also new member to this site, I bought a tarpon 120 last year and have had some great trips allready, have been down to poole harbour a couple of times with a canoeing mate but it would be good to meet up with someone who wants to fish rather than just paddle for 3 hours. Ive also been out from lulworth and saw a guy pollack fishing from the rocks there, it looked a bit hairy where he was as he was so close to the rocks and had to do a quick reverse manouvere to get himself out of the ****. If you still need an occasional fishing buddy then just get in touch. cheers, Nick Clarke.
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