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  1. Companions: Taras, Viktor, Pasha, Oleksandr, Sania and Vania. Weather: temperature +4C. Wind was eastern 7 m/s, preasure stable was growing, clouds, rain. Time of fishing: 16:30-03:00. Place: big pond near town Ostroh. Here Have been caught: 2 big crucians and 3 little breams by me. My friends had better results. Bait: maggots + bloodworms. Groundbait: created by myself. Tackles: medium feeder and heavy feeder. That is happened, I opened fishing season 2015! The weather was cold and rainy, but nothing stopped us. First of all we cleaned a territory of fishing. Clean
  2. Companions: Viktor Shevchuk, Stanislav Beloschuk.. Weather: on Sutarday the weather was warm and very windy. On Sunday was rainy. Water level: higher from normal for 80 cm. Time: from 09:20 till 21:00 on Saturday. From 07:00 till 09:00 on Sunday. Place: 5-th sector, here. Catched: 58 crucians, 1 carp, 5 rudds. Bait: maggots, worms. Grounbait: my own. Tackles: piker. This was one of the best fishing in my life. “Prylbychi” is a name of neares village at this big pond. This is comercial pond. And it is far away from my town about 270 km! We arrived on this place at 08:30. T
  3. Hi guys My friend is currently in San-Francisco. He is on working assignment there for two months. Could you please recommend me how he can go fishing there? Maybe somebody can provide contacts or sites on the Internet, anything. He is also from Ukraine as me. And he loves coarse fishing: crucians, carps, tenches, breams, roaches, etc. Thank you in advance!
  4. Please take a look http://rivnefish.com/pages/fishes/ There are almost all pictures of fish that you need Do not pay attention on text. It is Ukranian
  5. Companions: absent. Weather: temperature +32C. Wind was east or north-east. Preasure stable 994 hPa. Clouds were absent. Water level: perhaps normal. Time: from 18:30 till 21:30 on Saturday суботу and from 6:40 till 09:30 on Sundayю. Place: here. Catched: roaches, little breams and one perch. All fishes were not big, only one roach was about 230 grams. Breams were not bigger than palm, about 100-150 grams. Bait: maggots, worms. I used also special ukrainian bait “mastyrka” by float-rod. Grounbait: FishDream Bream + my own with using boiled peas. Tackles: feeder, piker. Loo
  6. Fishing report about microjig 25.11.2012 from Ukraine Companions: Taras Kvaterchuk. Weather: temperature +6 C. Wind was almost absent in the morning. In the morning was a fog. Water level: normal. Time:from 07:45 till 11:20. Place: pond near small town Gorodok in the Rivne region of Ukraine. Catched: 13 perches and 1 north pike. Bait: 3/4“ twisters of green color. Tackles: spinning with test 2 grams. Fog very early in the morning: My north pike: Hey, this is me: our place: My baits: Taras: very detailed information is here: http://rivnefish.com/
  7. 'pond' is a bad/wrong word? Lake is better? We use lake for place that was formed by natural way many thousands years ago. How I have to call water-places that was made by humans? About tench answer is: Yes. Actually there is 2 'ponds'. First is open space (I was fishing on it) and secon is overgrowned by reed. That second place has a lot of tenches, and some of them went to first place. Here some photos. That place is amazing, isn't it? here is friend of mine Yaroslav here are owners of the pond. They check their fishing nets: a little mirror carp: a place fo
  8. I have forgotten to add link for a full post on my blog http://rivnefish.com/en/2012/11/22/gorodishche-01-09-2012/ Why I have to wait before post will appear on this forum? This is premoderation or smth like that? Why I can't modify my own post?
  9. Companions: Sergiy Malinovskiy. Weather: temperature +25C. Wind was almos absent. Preasure stable 988 hPa. Water level: normal. Time: from 23:30 p.m till 16:00 a.m.. Place: pond near villiage Gorodishche at town Berezne. Rivne region of Ukraine. First place №7 after that place №3. Catched: 16 crucians by me. Bait: maggots. Grounbait: FishDream Carp XXL, Trapper Lin-Karas, FishDream. Boiled wheat + sunflower’s seen + semolina. Tackles: float-rod, feeder, peaker. My fishing place: My friend Sergiy: pond: crucian:
  10. The answer is Yes! Here in Ukraine pike is catching right now Here some photos that was made on Sunday, 18 of November: All these fishes was catched at river Gorin by two friends of mine: and here one more pike, from some channel: http://piccy.info/view3/3736822/84d2e396e2...dc6f23e18f/800/
  11. You never guess how we call this beautifull fish here It sounds like: "lyasch" khm.. You, Britain people, even don't have that sound at all "lya". It is something like "la" but very-very soft. And I realy don't know to explaine it for you Anyway, thanks for corection. I will remember right English name for our Ukrainian lyasch
  12. Styr is a river in a west Ukraine.. You can find this fishing place at my map. But I really sorry, that is only in Ukrainian translation Please find place that calls "Лисин" on right column and click on it. This is a village on bank of river Styr where my father in law was born. 2. This is the fish that we call "silver crucian" or simply "crucian" (lat. Carassius gibelio): And this is the fish that we call "golden crucian" (lat. Carassius carassius): Golden crucians are very rare endangered species now 4. Maybe is is a gobie. My English is poor, so I just used Google for f
  13. Weather: temperature +23C, clouds, wind N-W 3 m/s, preasure 994 hPa. Time: from 06:00 until 13:00. Place: Styr river. Catched: about 10 bullhead, 5 little brasems, 1 perch and 2 crucians. Bait: wheat, magots. Grounbait: wheat. Tackles: rods. very detailed information is here: http://rivnefish.com/en/2012/08/15/lisin-11-08-2012/
  14. 1. If you prepared this bait in right way, it will stay on hook for long time. 15 minutes is minimum 2. Take semolina and invite the same amount of water. Wait 10 minutes and begin to stir. You have to stir very extensively for 15 minutes, that is not easy. But long time of stiring is only one way to make perfect bait from semolina As I said before it is one of the best bait for crucian and carp here, in Ukraine. When nibble absent this bait can help out you. If even semoline doesn't work — go home
  15. We use semoline like a paste It is one of a favorite bait here, in Ukraine, for the crucian. Hook №14-12 not small as for me. Here is example of usage with syringe, but in most of cases we use just a wooden stick Semolina must be liquid. We call this bait something like English word "stir" but as a noun.
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