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  1. We recently updated http://www.artfulangler.co.uk please drop by and share your catch reports, hotspots, fish knowledge and fishing artwork. To promote your websites we have advertising space or logos / links available on a prime position of our homepage - see Phil The Fish. Pieces are being take fast so its first come first serve. Our Twitter and Facebook presence is increasing fast.....
  2. I live near a large set of lakes at Centennial Park and often go down and feed the carp. There are some huge fish and must say very healthy looking fish. Generally there seems to be a large population of carp and I am sure if they saw them as that much of a pest they would have got rid of them by now. Another area with a good head of Carp is Kangaroo Valley a little further south. The main concern with the Aussies is the threat to native species and Carp polishing up all the natural food to sustain them. The way I see it is they arent cauing that much of a problem and the Aussies are missing out on a huge 'financial' opportunity to stock private lakes with Carp and let the ex-pats (such as me) fish for them. Tackle suppliers could then make a killing !
  3. Hi everyone, am living in Sydney now but must say missing my Chub, Barbel and Carp. There is some great sea fishing out here, but what annoys me is the huge Carp potential. My local lakes hold fish to at least 50lb ! .... but Carp are seen as a pest and its against the law to let them go. Fair enough to help protect the native species, but still, being an ex-pat and lover of Carp its a hard one to take and the business opportunity for the Aussies to introduces some kind of controlled Carp fishing is a shame to miss out on. Incidently, I recently updated my site www.artfulangler.co.uk. Be great to hear some thoughts / feedback. Attached is a nice Australia Salmon from Royal National Park, Garie Beach, NSW. Caught on Pilchard casting straight off the beach Tight Lines! Matt www.artfulangler.co.uk
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