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  1. Thankyou just the kind of place I was looking for
  2. Hello ive just got an allcocks flickem trying to get it sorted before river season starts. Seems to be in decent order but the part that screws on to the middle of the spool and covers the end of the pin is broken. Its the plastic one with two screws and an end play adjuster in the middle. If anyone has a spare one I will be happy to pay or swap for something fishing related, got loads of new and vintage tackle so might have something you need in return. Also if anyone knows of anywhere I could get one online that would be very helpfull, im keeping an eye on e bay but cant really afford to buy
  3. Been back out for a few chub found some new spots Noticed a few rudd in the canal one night so had a go with freelining bread
  4. nice fishing mate keep looking the big ones will come.
  5. arbocop you into the retro bikes aswell or is that onein the av a modern one
  6. davedave:freelined bread on surface mate arbocop:nice fish and i like the reel is it a mitchell
  7. cheers mate yeah i realised as soon as i took the pic with the rod in it so i moved it to some soft grass for a quick photo then checked it over an put it back.that was the first fish ive had for about four years and i made sure all the others were on soft grass or in my arms.i grew up fishing these waters and fish and have great respect for all fish especially chub.ive fished these local streams for about 20 years and have had carp to 12 but have seen much bigger.the fish after being moved to soft grass
  8. hello new to the forum.mainly fish for chub on small riivers but get the odd carp aswell.would like to see pictures of chub and baits methods.heres a few iv had over the first week of the season all on breadflake
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