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  1. Cant you just use like astro ture grass you can get some that look pretty damn good to be honest , but if you were to carpet your tank in the real thing im guessing you will have to get some kind of aquarium silt? and hows the fish andy? ive added two orf and two dace my tanks getting there now looking like a river just need a couple of beer cans and rubbish in there and done lol
  2. If you have a decent size tank have a look into silver tip shark catfish they act just like sharks but with a cat head lol also i have hard water here but the chub,dace,roach,tench,minnows and perch have done really well , your best bet is a water but and just let the rain fill it up also dont have to worry about taking the chlorine out of it
  3. the area is well covered upstream its about a ft deep nice and clear and then just drops down to about 8-9ft and i mean drops but the bigger the hook the bigger the damn minnows i even hooked a big bullhead so know my bait is slowly trotting down And did do well by catching a 1 and a half lb pearch, as i dont have a car anymore i cant drive to my best and personal chub fishing area which is really good for big dace ,3lb plus perch huge roach and have caught a 5lb 1oz chub
  4. Yeah i do use a size 12 hook and some smelly cheese and worms but the minnows still go for it ,to every 20minnows i catch i get 1 chub or roach the biggest minnow ive caught was 4 and a half inches which would be good bait for the chub and pike, and ive top lip hooked a minnow to use as live bait but after two hours nothing
  5. I fish the river ise which is a ten min walk from where i live and the banks at the best of times are about 5ft wide and deepest must be 4ft and ive had a few good hours there with a 5lb 1oz chub, 11 and a half pound pike but at the moment all im catching are minnows which is very anoying does anyone know a way i can fish and not catch these minnows
  6. Ive got a tropical tank and the mollies keep giving birth and as not many people want them i just bang them in with the chub and ten spine sticklebacks to feast on
  7. ah cool what i do if i get any fish from the river is treat them for whitespot also every river fish ive had has always had abit of fin rot when they 1st go into the tank but the whitespot stuff seems to clear it up
  8. Andy that looks great mate the growth on the plants look really good wish i could upload pics from my phone to this site as i now planted 10 reeds that and a lilly that i got from my local stream. also got a new roach which is more streeeeemline looking than my other roach but then again i did get that one from a faster flowing river
  9. i find the ice cubes work i thought id treat my chub to some baby minnows so went down to my local brook which 1 part is 9 ft deep, so i netted loads of small minnows and a 2lb chub lol was shocked when i saw it
  10. Yeah of my dads mates who lives in the fenlands has a few tanks but he has them for live bait for pike and zander, its just nice to watch river fish the chubs the boss out of all of them and they are just starting to get a taste for maggots
  11. Ah my tench comes out at 5ish for an hour the goes back in the rocks,the chub he did hang around with the minnows and roach but now has distanced himself and hangs with the tench as for the ice cubes id freeze a 2ltr bottle with there water and it does knock the temp down by 2c just member tho take water out before ice goes in lol(tank overflow.....doh!) theres a nice place near me its about 3ft wide you just have to bang your net in and theres all sorts in there roach,chub,pike,perch,dace,minnos,sticklebacks all sorts about an inch long you get the odd half pound roach, i went wading just to
  12. You have made my day ive been on forums and everyone saying you cant keep them,and at the mo there in a 4ft by 1ft tank but i have a 5ft by 2ft tank waiting untill they get bigger, the biggest fish are the tench and chub around about 3-4inches long the only fish that i have lost were two sticklebacks to the chub :-\ the temp rose to 25c in my tank they all done well through it but did make some ice cubes from there water and stick it in, do you find that the tench come out same time everyday to feed?
  13. Hi all i keep a few british native fish in my aquarium eg. 1chub,2roach,1dace,5sticklebacks-1ten spine,7minnows,2tench and a loach ive had them for 9months and they are doing amazingly good i havnt had any deaths, just wondering if any of you lot have a brit native aquarium many thanks jamie :-)
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