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  1. Hi, I'm new on here, so this is first post. Last night we were fishing the Trent at gunthorpe for Barbel. No barbel showing but caught this and a few chubb and Roach. not sure if If I'm allowed to post photos , but unsure of the species, looks like may be Chubb even considered Common carp but the shape of the mouth seems to resemble neither. Hey ho will just have to put it down as unsure. oops was going to attach picture but don't think I can do this Cheers Trev
  2. Hi, this is my first post here. We were fishing the River Trent at Gunthorpe Nottingham for barbell. There is a noticeable reduction on the river at the moment , not sure if its due to Pike. We hooked into 4 good fish on the ledger, all resulted in broken line at the hook leader end , line strength 7lbs. Not sure but as we were using luncheon meat we figured the culprits may be pike ? On a slightly different subject, whilst fishing we were asked by an walker if the fish were edible. He said he often fishes there with others including his father , they take the fish to eat. I told him they should not be taking any fish from the river or any other course fishery. I also advised him that they face a hefty penalty for this illegal practice. Am I right in thinking that this is an illegal practice on rivers and other fisheries ?
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