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  1. Aye I know , will probs be just before that weather permitting . Will have to hit some of the still waters in the area methinks .
  2. It was indeed ,I didn't even bother . I've postponed until mid march .what a swizz haha
  3. Finally going this Thursday for a chub fishing session ! Looking forward to it
  4. I'm after some good tips and methods that will catch me a chub in cold conditions - ie rigs , methods , baits that will help me along my way and my blog
  5. I will do , do I just do that through my settings ?
  6. I've been asked to do a blog on how I get on by the mr Crabtree challenge fishing site . So all this info (and dms I send when I get enough posts in ) will come in really handy
  7. Getting back into fishing after 15 years plus away I've not used the method feeder although it's probs been around a while . I'd live to give it a go , any hints and tips appriciated , thanks Andy
  8. Thanks Andrew ! I'll check it out . I was thinking of joining middlesbrough angling club and north ormesby institute angling section .
  9. Thanks for all the useful info Brian and Phil ! I'll follow what you've said . This forum is too notch . As soon as I've made enough posts ill pm you . Much appriciated
  10. Cheers Brian , all this info is second to none . As soon as I get enough posts in on the forum ill pm you both ! Whilst we are on the subject , can you recommend any good places to fish in the area ? Both still water and river . Cheers
  11. Just like to say hello to everyone having stumbled upon this amazing forum ! Tight lines everyone
  12. What couldn't you go fishing without no matter what ? I always take my old mitchell match reel ! In the past it's caught me so many fish and never let me down !
  13. Cheers matey , how many posts do I have to make ? That would be most appriciated . Next trip to the tees is on the 1st of feb , no matter what the weather is
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