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  1. Hi can someone give some information of layers mash chicken feed as a ground bait for car? Is it suitable as a ground bait? How should it be prepared? Is it even effective? (etc,) Just looking for as much info as possible about using it? Thanks
  2. Its around the size of a tennis court, maybe a bit bigger. It is likely to be expanded a bit this summer also. Temp in summer would not be above 19 I suspect. We have also had a few rainbow trout in there before (maybe 3), which grew well and survived for several years but the otter had them last summer.. Main questions is whether online dealers can offer just has good quality fish as those in garden/ aquatic centres, and value for money when buying a large quantity? Thanks
  3. We have a large pond that needs stocking. It has been established for 10 years or more and has some smaller species of fish such as Roach and Rudd. My question is; what is the best method of stocking a pond? Should a local garden centre be used (which can expensive if they balance the price they want to sell at), or can you go direct to the stock suppliers? Also are there online centres that can be used reliably at a good price? (if so can you recommend) The main criteria we're looking at is value for money with a large quantity of fish, balanced with quality (so that they survive wel
  4. Thanks guys. Do you know where I can rent a fish stunner in the UK? Location is west Wales.
  5. Hi guys we have a small/ medium sized natural pond that is going to be expanded in the next couple of weeks. As its a natural pond it is a lot bigger than a garden/ koi pond to give perspective, but still a medium/ sized pond (no where near a lake!). There are some fish in there ATM and I'm wondering what the best way to catch them is? The pond is being dug out by a digger so we want to retrieve as many fish as possible in the next few weeks. 1) Will they be okay in the water if it is a bit soiled? 2) What will be the best way to catch the fish (I'm thinking of using keep nets/ other net
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