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  1. Hi, I'm trying to decide what reel to get. A Nash H Gun Fr8 or, NGT Xs9000, what is more reliable, which is better Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to get 2 reels I am going to get, Whychwood Signature Fs Reel but I'm not sire which is the biggest Fs40 fs50 fs60 the Fs 40 costs £30 where the fs50 and fs60 costs £24.99
  3. Thanks, but its just something that I would like to try, I don't want to try make a business out of it, I just want to try to make some myself as it will be awesome if I caught something that I made myself.
  4. Hi, So we are thinking of making our own boilies, we are going to get a Boilie Roller, but we are just a bit confused about ingredient, so would it be OK to use, 4oz of Semolina, and 4oz of Soya Flour, add whatever flavour or colourings we want, and then 2 eggs, and boil for 30 ish, and leave to dry, would this be OK to start boilie making Thanks.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the help, I am going to get the team box, I was looking on eBay and a lot of then had octoplus, Legs and Feeder arm, I want to get them but where do I get them from, I don't know what size to get.
  6. Hi, first off sorry for all the questions I have been asking. So I have been looking at a Shakespeare Beta Seatbox, I was looking on a few websites, On Angling direct there is 1 on there and it costs around £30, but when I look on go outdoors there is two, 1 is £33 and the other one is, £40, why is this, and on go outdoors 1 says you can attach a cusion and the other 1 says you can attach side trays,they don't say both, also in pictures 1 looks bigger than the other. So what I am asking. Are they all the same size. Can you attach cusion, side trays, etc on all of them. http://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/store/shakespeare-beta-seatbox http://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/shakespeare-beta-blue-fishing-plastic-seatbox-p97171 http://m.gooutdoors.co.uk/shakespeare-beta-blue-fishing-plastic-seatbox-p97165 I want to do something like this in the video. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=uwkgVJ7wE6nXyQPCugE&url=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DZqp9_lmfQwo&cd=1&ved=0CB0QtwIwAA&usg=AFQjCNEeM9ERalld_D8DJ-NbJNrLCV8ckw&sig2=Lh6dpq5aPDclKmQdeDzCQQ
  7. Hi, Thanks for the help, I cannot tie my own hair rigs and stuff, all it is a premade loop which goes over the bead then closes and on the end is a hair rigged bait band, but I don't don't know what I am looking for on angling directs website.
  8. Hi, So today I pulled a Feeder out from a lake today and as I have never used one before I tried using it, didn't get anything, it was set up terribly, I was looking how to set it up when I go home. 1 Put Feeder On 2 Quick Change Bead, Put in half, Tie Blood Knot. Now this is where I get a bit confused. I have a Guru Pellet Feeder. I want to use a Bait Band but I dont know where to buy them from where you put it in the quick change bead pre tied. Watch this video its at the end.I want it from angling direct. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sDuLEQRxBb0 Its at about 6:20 where do I get that from, and is how you setup the feeder what I out above correct.
  9. Sorry for the bad picture I will out rod together and take some more now.
  10. Hi, So yesterday I went fishing on my Carp Rig, And I cast in reeled back in and it was all twisted up on the lead, its an inline one I was reading up on Silicone Tubing, but I was wondering where I would put it?. Here are Some picture of the rig. Below is the Hoook with Hair Rig. Below is the Swivel that attaches the rig as its premade. Then the inline lead.
  11. Thanks everyone but my dad let me borrow his big pit baitrunner
  12. Gozzer that sounds good, could you make it a bit more clearer as I don't quite understand sorry .
  13. Thanks, so do you mean loosen the drag ? If so do you tighten drag before or after you strike and yes I will be day fishing.
  14. Hi, So I wanna get into Carp fishing, and as I am only 14 I don't have much money, and as I only have a spinning rod and a standard reel with no baitrunner, I will use the spinning rod but my dad might lend me a carp rod but not certain, I am going to use my dad alarms, could I use the alarms with a standard reel with no bait runner ? Thanks.
  15. What Knots would people recommend ?
  16. Thanks Andy much appreciated, Do you know any good websites that have tutorials Thanks.
  17. Hi, So I have been practising Knots for a while, is this Correct, My Dad can do them perfectly but he can't quite see it.To my understanding its a Blood Knot.
  18. Hi,So today I was Fishing with Corn as I saw 3 Bream swimming about so I put a piece of Corn on and it took it, I didn't have Scales with me so how much roughly do you think it weighs, I caught my First Chub yesterday, And I caught a Perch with a Blue Tint to it, Also cab you help me read these scales I know, Each of the bigger lines is 1lb but how do I know how much Oz Thanks.
  19. Yeah it was handeled carefully and returned safely as with every other fish I catch, was kept out of water a bit longer than I would of liked but it was my first pike and I was so excited, we were a bit unprepared, I was shaking haha.
  20. Hi, So I got my own Tackle Box and Cantilever design 2 tray I have been using my brothers up until now and, some of my friends gave me some stuff, I went fishing today and caught my first Pike ayayayayayay, my brother had one on but it got off, guess how much the pike weighs (I didn't have scales with me)
  21. The Rod is for Spinning and, Floating, Feeding and Ledgering.
  22. Hi, So I am looking to buy a new Rod as I Snapped mine and I am looking at a Cheap Mitchell Catch 212 and it says Blank I wondering what it means does the rod still have the eyes and everything. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/131169246788?nav=SEARCH
  23. Hi, So me and my Bro are going Fishing at a Local River Tomorrow morning (very early) and as its to late to get Maggots I was wondering if Sweatcorn and Bread will be OK we are going to be floating or Fishing off the Surface, What kind of Fish we will catch and if we will catch many? Thanks
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