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  1. Hello Steve and others. Thank you very much for the advice and information. Greg
  2. Thank you to all those that gave me details and advice concerning the reel. I am very grateful. Greg
  3. Althought I have coarse fished for many years I am new to sea fishing and would like to know how to set up a rig for float fishing off a harbour wall. If there is anyone who could give me a step by step guide I would be grateful. Greg
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum so bare with me. I have been given a Masterline WSS600 John Wilson Six Shooter Baitcaster Reel and I am at a loss as to what all the bells and wistles do on the reel. If there is anyone out there who can give me answers to the following questions I would be very grateful. Next the winding handle there s a spoked wheel. What is this for? On the left hand side on the reel casing is round ajustment knob which is about 12mm in diameter. What is this for? On the right hand side on the reel casing is another ajustment knob which is about 20mm in diameter.
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