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  1. Great topic this and I believe If could turn to when. It's Not been long since we had a similar scenario in the political sense. The Conservative government in Britain was forced to rely on UUP support to maintain its slim majority, the support came with certain strings attached. Believe it or not the government in 2007 ruled that fish may feel pain, it passed a lot of people by as it did no get much coverage. so government is open to persuation and is listening when comes to animal rights Times I would fish on and break the law if no clear evidence was tabled regarding pain i
  2. Thanks Elton for sorting My account
  3. Andy thank you for your kind words I think -the attack was motivated by Matt's profile, I think they are trying to smear his good name it's good to know the only gripes about TFG gear are fake gripes Thanks also for taking the time to draw this to the other forums attention. Finally I would just like to thank Martyn Lloyd (Severn Wolf) for his hard work whilst I was away lucky for me he was there in the thick of it yesterday when they kicked off. I feel Mart deserves more credit than he gets I threw him in at the deep end and he has run things superbly at the end of the day we are co
  4. Tony 1

    Bite Offs

    "frighteners" Now theres a blast from the past back in the Eighties I used to use the tube stick off the swizzles lolly pops threaded on the hook link for mine Budgie the reason I came up with the eel theory was mainly because I used to fish with fish based paste baits, the waters I was fishing were home to some very big snigs. managed to land a few on the old TP & whiskers [ 10. June 2005, 07:39 PM: Message edited by: Tony Coley ]
  5. Just out of interest how many of you have experienced the phenomenon of Bite offs from carp? For me Bite offs are almost a thing of the past, I haven't had one for years now, I used to get loads back in the nineties on Dacron and mono, I was never 100% convinced carp were the culprits all the time. Used to happen lot with paste baits for some reason such as trout pellet and whiskers, a lot which I was sure were big eels. It may be better hooklink material and better presentation with self hooking rigs the bait does not seem to go in so deep towards the Pharyngeal teeth. I would be interested t
  6. Any one heard from him of late? I was just wondering how he is :confused: He has not posted for along time. He is a member of a forum I moderate and he has not been on there for an age. Any road up if you read this Poach let us know how it's going mate [ 05. June 2005, 07:33 PM: Message edited by: Tony Coley ]
  7. Thanks Guys for all your help with this. Gary sends his regards.
  8. John, Not to sure, If you can put up what you have and he can decide if it is near to him. [ 31. May 2005, 05:12 PM: Message edited by: Tony Coley ]
  9. Posted on behalf of Gary wondered if you new anywhere me and my son could try to fish for the first time in the poole, Dorset area that would be sutible for first timers? Regards, Gary
  10. Just thought I would bump it back to the top as I think you may have missed this Bluezulu
  11. Villa fan and a Bluenose in agreement, very Worrying
  12. As a Villa fan I have no axe to grind with the scousers. They did English football proud. Move over Beckham about time we gave Stevie the captains arm band. His leadership skills at 3-0 down were inspiring
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