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  1. Well done John I'm 55 and have just started my rivers apprenticeship l went stickfloat fishing for the first time Saturday on the Medway at teston bridge had a great day roach chub nothing of great size but that did not matter cannot wait to get back out there again feeder fishing for bream next
  2. Thank you Matthew I'll follow every instruction and give it a good go but can you park anywhere at Kingston,Sudbury,
  3. First time gonna fish the Thames feeder for bream any tips .where to start .what tips to use 2oz 3oz 4 oz. What ground baits hook baits size hooks line size were to park. Any advice would be really appreciate
  4. Thanks vagabond just saved up and bought a 13 ft drennan acroylite ultra been told to try the river stour in Canterbury new to stickfloat fishing so trial and error to start
  5. Thanks vagabond just saved up and bought a drenna acrolyte ultralite 13ft been told to try the river stour Canterbury looking forward to it
  6. advice needed on centre pin reels buying my first one for roach/chub fishing got about £50 to spend any advice much appreciated
  7. Cheers den thanks for that I'm goner drive down to Canterbury from allhallows to have a look
  8. Has anybody body got any advice on stickfloat fishing in the river Stour? Rig? depths? Location? Any advice will be much appreciated.
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