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  1. New Best Day of the Season – 18 fish caught! Yesterday’s Best Day of the Season record of 15 fish caught lasted only 24 hours! Today, 18 fish were landed for 19 rod days. 9 fell to the fly & 7 to spinner. Conditions. There was no rain in the catchment for the last 24 hours. The forecast is now dry right through until the end of next week. The upper river at Millstreet is falling steadily. The clarity is about 3 feet. At Killavullen the river is down to 1.28 this evening. Excellent fly height & clarity which is ~3 feet & slightly peaty. The Ballyduff gauge is down to 0.40 by
  2. And what better way to make your own Christmas than to book a few days fishing at Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery for 2015! Only 38 Days left until Opening Day on February 1st.
  3. Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery News - December 10, 2014 Prices Unchanged for 2015. We dropped our prices significantly two years ago to combat the economic climate and to encourage more anglers to come to the Blackwater. We are keeping the prices the same for 2015. Salmon fishing on the renowned Cork Blackwater for between €15 - €80 per day depending on the season. Please see our website for details: Angling for Salmon on Ireland's Cork Blackwater at Blackwater Lodge and Salmon Fishery and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or would like to make a
  4. A small rise, a couple of fish & more rain to come.......... Upper river rose 8cm & 2 rods landed 2 fish to 10lb. today. Lower river rose 12cm but clarity not great. Please see my latest Blogpost: http://ireland-salmon-fishing.blogspot.ie/
  5. Torrential localised showers give a small flood........ Please see my latest Blog-post on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery with the latest information from today
  6. We have had higher dirtier water once again for the last week or more, but the later part of this week has seen some more dry weather & the river is once again settling down. The picture above is below the Lodge this morning with the Ballyduff gauge on 0.97m. Clarity has improved again also to 2 - 2½ feet. The conditions are ideal for spinning, but still rather too high for fly fishing just yet. The forecast has improved for the weekend with probably just some light rain Saturday & Tuesday - otherwise mainly dry. The March total so far is seven springers, which is the best
  7. Countdown to the Opening Day this Saturday, February 1st. We're just looking for one small weather miracle please. This was the river below the Lodge today January 29th. at 10.45am. The Ballyduff gauge height was 2.06m. It has fallen a further 25 cm by 20.00 This was Millstreet gauge above Mallow for the last week showing that it is dropping slowly at 19.00 this evening. This was the Ballyduff gauge for the last month showing the abnormally high levels we have been seeing (since mid-December). it is dropping quickly at 19.00 this evening, and is down to 1.83m by 19.30 th
  8. Superb Salmon Fishing in the Last Week.................................... With the spell of dry weather, the river has fined off to summer level. The Ballyduff gauge is now on 0.26m this morning & the clarity is 4-5 feet. The forecast for the week is dry except for some light rain perhaps on Wednesday & Thursday. We have had superb fishing in the last week. For the 7 days to Saturday 10th., we have taken 108 fish to 12lb. for just 87 rod days. The August total is 118 which is already the best for the month for the last 4 years - & this is only in the first 10
  9. We are having a period of dry weather now which is due continue until well into next week. Following the big flood on the 22nd., the river is now fining off very well and will only improve further in the coming days. The Ballyduff gauge is on 0.70m at 5.00pm today. Beats on the upper river are now in fly order, and some of the lower beats should be fly-fishable by tomorrow & all of them should be in fly order by the weekend. Temperatures are cold with the air struggling to get to 5C during the day & is about 0 to +2C at night. The water on the lower river is just over 7C &
  10. The river is in absolutely fantastic order. The gauge is on 0.49m this morning with clarity ~6 feet. The water temperature is 7.6°C @ 10.00 today. Air: +7°C It's in perfect order for the fly at the moment. This kelt below was caught by 17 year old Dan Hawker on fly at the Lug Pool on Lower Kilmurry. it was an absolutely superbly conditioned fish that was duly released (and logged of course!!!!!) All the spent fish are very well mended & fight like hell. So if you are fishing here, make sure you don't confuse them with a fresh one - it's easily done. Prospects The weat
  11. One Fish – Two Firsts! The First Fish of the Season was caught on the Lodge beats yesterday. It was taken by Gary Byrne from Dungarvan on spinner, weighed 9.65lb & was sea-liced. It was his First Ever Salmon and his first visit to the Lodge. Like most special events at the Lodge, there’s a story……………………………………………. I had sent Gary & his mate Mark to fish on Upper & Lower Kilmurry and they arrived there about 10.00am. For those of you that know the Lodge, Glenda was teaching at the Hut Pool on Upper Kilmurry (her Office!). I called in to see her, then left at 12.00 t
  12. Affordable Salmon Fishing for 2013 We’ve now made the cost of salmon fishing so low, you hardly need waders! With the worldwide recession, fishery owners, lodges and guides across the globe are reducing their charges so that salmon anglers can keep fishing and new anglers can be attracted to the sport. In Ireland, the Blackwater Lodge - in conjunction with its beat owners - is leading the way by now making salmon fishing more affordable for everyone. Cast your eye on this............... For the 2013 season, fishing rates on the Lodge beats will range from €15 per
  13. The Extension to October 12th. There are very few places in the Republic where you can fish for salmon up to October 12. We are fortunate enough to have been granted this on a trial basis for this year, as our runs of fish seem to be coming later and later each year. The extension is Fly Only, Single Barbless & Catch & release. Special Late Offer €60/day. To ensure that we have plenty of rods fishing to help collect data, we are now offering fishing from now until October 12th. for just €60/rod day. Promising Prospects. We have experienced the same phenomenon as mos
  14. The river had dropped off & started to fine down on Friday 24th., which was the joint third Best Day of the Season with 10 fish to 13.4lb. caught. Heavy localised showers caused the upper river to river yet again on Saturday. It was completely out of order for Saturday 25th. This was the picture for the upper river up to this morning. The lower river was also completely unfishable yesterday (Sat. 25th.) Today the clarity has improved somewhat to 1 - 1.5 feet on the lower river & about 2 feet on the upper river. I already have a report of a very fresh 5 pounder caught on an up
  15. On Monday 9th., 6 fish were caught (including the 13lb. First Salmon in last blog entry) making it the Fifth Best Day of the season. This included a couple of sea-liced fish from the lower river from Kilmurry & Kents. On Tuesday 10th., 9 fish were caught which made this the Third Best Day of 2012. Mike Whelan caught these three fish all between 9-10lb. on Kilmurry on the lower river. Stefan Kadlubowski released this 9½ pounder on fly on the Wood Flat on Woodstream. Joe Tynan caught his first fish on the fly yesterday too. It weighed 4lb. & was caught on the C
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