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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a 60 year old whose is recovering from triple heart bypass and thought I would try fishing as part of my recovery. I know absolutely nothing about fishing so please make allowances. Just looking forward to a spot of pleasure angling where catching a fish will be a bonus. Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Everyone, I am recovering from a heart bypass and in a couple of weeks should be able to get out a bit. Thought I may try fishing while I recover. I have a brand new (old old stock) Lexia Milo match rod which will suffice as a float rod but have been looking at feeder rods for local commercial lake and canal. For what I want to spend (around £50) I have seen the Shimano forcemaster and the Diawa Harrier. I would be grateful for and advice as to which of these, or something else would be good. Thanks in advance for any help. Steve
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