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  1. As always a thoroughly enjoyable weekend despite the unfavourable conditions. It's a weekend we look forward to every year and always have mixed emotions when we get a position as it proves that there is less and less interest from new members joining AN which is a shame. Even my girlfriend Vicky looks forward to this weekend now and didn't complain, too much, when I informed her that we'd be getting up at 5am to make the 70 mile trip to my favourite venue. As always a massive thank you to the bailiffs (and families) for all their hard work in preparing for the fish-in, Steve Campbell for
  2. I'll have a dig around in my garage. It won't be collectible but it may be worth a few quid to someone 👍
  3. Agreed Steve, the tench at Wingham are not rig shy (just ask the carp boys) so provided your rig mechanics are right then if you're not catching it's almost definitely the spot so get the marker rod back out 😉.
  4. No problem at all buddy. My go to method has been a small method feeder covered in dampened pellet. Hookbaits have varied on each trip from small white pop ups (worked best when water was murked up from strong winds) to fake corn and fake maggots. On the last session they responded better to maggots (small PVA bag attached to a bolt rig consisting of 2.5oz lead and short 5" coated braid hooklink). The most important thing, as Steve is always keen to mention, Is location. I'm allowed to fish 4 rods and of these I've only been catching on 2 of them consistently. Despite moving the other two rod
  5. Just to wet people's appetite, I've been down on my spring ticket and have already been amongst the fish despite the recent cold weather. In 3 weekend sessions I've had 6 perch between 2lb 6oz and 3lb, 32 tench to 8lb 10oz (I've caught 8's on each visit!) and have even managed one of those elusive Wingham bream. The fishing is only going to get better as it warms up before the fish-in so get yourself signed up for the chance of a very memorable weekends fishing.
  6. I'll be there with my fishing buddy Cliff again. Always amazes me that more people don't take Steve up on this very generous offer of fishing such an amazing place. Hope to see you all down there in a few weeks
  7. Massive thanks to all those that put the effort into making the AN Fishin happen again this year. I can promise you that your hard work is hugely appreciated by all. Wingham is by far and away my favourite lake so I was over the moon to hear that I had got a place again this year. The conditions weren't looking great for this weekend and temps struggled to get into double figures. A total contrast to last year where we had temps of 18 degrees. I was on Long Island platform again this year which was a massive confidence boost for me as I'd done so well out of the same swim last year.
  8. All packed, bait collected and rearing to go. Unfortunately I still have a late shift to work but I know where my mind will be tonight . See you all tomorrow
  9. looks like Andrew and Budgie are coming so make sure you reel in and leave nice and early for the BBQ
  10. Me personally no, the perch in there are not exactly rig shy so won't be put off by the thicker line. It also means that if you do hook that bonus tench then you still have a good chance of landing it. The only time I drop below 10lb bs at Wingham is when float fishing and then I'll drop down to 6lb.
  11. Unfortunately I don't have the space to be able to keep unwanted larger items but have a couple of smaller items that might tempt someone to part with a couple of quid. Steve, Just a thought but could the extender box and cables could go with the other set of TF alarms to create one lot? I bought the gas a while back but it's the wrong connection for my stove:
  12. I'll be taking the usual: Maggots Casters Worms Corn Dark crumb Expo Halibut method mix Mini boilies
  13. I run through the below before any overnight session to ensure I don't forget anything. Its helped me out for the last few years. Feel free to copy it and amend to suit your own sessions: Session check list 1. CHANGE OF CLOTHES 2. SPARE SOCKS 3. SHOWER GEL 4. DEODORANT 5. TALCON POWDER 6. TOWEL 7. TOOTHBRUSH 8. TOOTHPASTE 9. WOOLY HAT 10. GLOVES 11. MONEY 12. WALLET 13. LICENCES 14. CUTLERY 15. CUP 16. KETTLE 17. PANS 18. WATER BOTTLE 19. FRYING PAN 20. SPATULAR 21. STOVE 22. SPARE GAS 23. TEA BAGS 24. SWEETENER 25. MILK 26. FOOD 27. RUBBISH BAGS 28. C
  14. I can't take it! It's like an emotional rollercoaster . I was almost tempted with a trip to Linear as I had the time booked off. Wouldn't have had quite the same atmosphere though ;-). Thanks again Steve.
  15. Oh pooh! Oh well, I will miss not being there but it's only fair. I hope everyone has a fantastic time and for those who haven't been before I hope you fill your boots and catch a fish of a lifetime. Trust me, you will want to go back!
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