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  1. Have been told off a couple of guys to try lure/plug fishing in the surf at Ardwell Bay,Mull of Galloway,Scotland. The crack was they were catching fish to 12lbs. Any advice on the type of lure to try,state of tide,time of year etc Tight lines
  2. Caught a mackerel on a lead weight once whilst boat fishing. It was a freshly cast,shiney,spider and the fish got its gob stuck on the metal grips!
  3. Have recently bought a caravan at Drummore,Mull of Galloway,Scotland. Intend to explore the nearby trout,sea trout,salmon fishing so done a bit of surfing. Spoilt for choice as dozens of venues came up. Has anyone out there fished in this area and can recommend any lochs/rivers to fish. I am not a total purist and have been known to upstream worm on occasions! Any help on this quest would be most appreciated. Tight lines
  4. Thanks for the quick replys lads .
  5. Have just bought a caravan at Drummore,Mull of Galloway. Have sea fished the place for years and now fancy trying for the coarse fish.I have done a bit of surfing and come up with Garwachie Loch £5 a day pike perch tench roach Clatteringshaws Loch cost? pike and perch Any punters out there fished these venues or can come come up with any more within reasonable distance of Drummore. Also any tips on fishing techniques as I am basically an old sea salt! I would particularly like to target the pike. Tight lines everyone
  6. Any mullet black belts out there? Have recently bought a caravan at Drummore,Mull of Galloway,Scotland. Have fished for them loads on my hols in the Med using the old bubble float/multihooks/lump of french stick the size of your fist/hook them anywhere approach with great effect - it was great fun at the time but I think the large amount of alcohol in the holiday system may have dimmed the sporting slant a bit! Also the presence of large flocks of rats with wings puts floating bread tactics out of the window. Have seen large shoals of really big mullet in the harbour,tried them on sweetcorn us
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