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  1. Cullercoats sunrise,this one made the BBC weather slot (Northeast and Cumbria) Since being booted out of Photobucket finding this IMGUR fine so far http:// John
  2. Still finding IMGUR fine,used it a few times now. Cullercoats sunrise from 2 weeks ago.">http:// John
  3. They will have a very long time to wait in my case then. All I used Photobucket for was third party hosting :-) All of my images are stored on duplicated hard drives. Would not trust anyone else with them !!! John
  4. Yes it was getting a right pain to use compared to the early years. I take it that will be thousands of image links to threads now broken to forums such as this around the world ? John
  5. When did did Photobucket change their third party hosting policy then as had not been on it for ages. Oh well its their loss,am voting with my feet. Have just registered with IMGUR and this is a trial for me to see how it works We spend a large part of the summer over in our static caravan in Drummore,Mull of Galloway - its on the most southerly tip of Scotland. Anyway bought a new outside table for the veranda and this was my first attempt to get reflections from it. http:// John
  6. Port Logan sunset http:// John
  7. Whitley Bay sunrise http://
  8. Sunrise over Luce Bay. Took this from our caravan door 06 July 2015 John
  9. You are right in what you say gozzer Their draw is irresistable.. We are very fortunate in having a lot of babies/toddlers in our life. Check out our youngest grandson Oscar,he is a babe magnet John
  10. Cullercoats Bay sunrise John
  11. Very dramatic sky Phone John
  12. Whitley Bay sunrise. I took it from the south end of the beach. John
  13. Not an expert but try and pick the night of the new moon or at least try and keep the moon out of your shot Good shooting John
  14. Anyone notice the 2 meteorite captures in it ? One very faint. Will add a few more now John
  15. A startrail I shot at Kirkmaiden cemetary,Drummore,Mull of Galloway. Stacked 120 x 30 second exposures for this one John
  16. Was put onto this company by recommendation and cannot praise them enough :clap2: Have used them on a couple of occasions now. Just today got my Sigma 18 - 200mm lens back from them - its like new. Free estimates by a small well run,friendly family based company. You heard it here first http://www.camerarepairworkshop.co.uk/repairs.htm John
  17. Ha ha,funny as :bigemo_harabe_net-163: http://newsthump.com/2014/03/06/newcastles-alan-pardew-to-wear-matchday-cone-to-protect-opposition/ John
  18. Cullercoats Harbour 03 Feb 2014 It was a nice morning to take the camera out John
  19. Sunrise,Tynemouth 12 December 2013. It has to rate as one of the most vivid I have ever seen/photographed. For the space of 2/3 minutes it was like being in an "orange world". It was a goosebump moment !!! John
  20. As usual during the school summer holidays our two oldest grandsons,Wayne and Lewis,spent a week with us here in our caravan in Drummore. It is a static located on the Clashwhannon Caravan Park overlooking Luce Bay and where the wife and I stay for most of the summer. As soon as they arrived they asked me if they would be going boat fishing again. My mate Tom Stevenson kindly took them out on their first ever boat fishing trip last summer. I told them that if the weather was ok they would be having another trip out with Tom. Firstly I had a shore fishing session lined up for them and th
  21. Just got my Sigma 18 - 200mm lens repaired by this company. Cannot sing their praise enough,very good prices and free estimates. You heard it here first http://www.camerarepairworkshop.co.uk/repairs.htm John
  22. Eric is a top bloke and a keen angler himself. Give him a bell or call in for top local info http://www.fishingstranraer.com/ Tight lines John
  23. This final report has me fishing up at Lake St Clair,about a 3 hours drive north of Sydney. This is an annual "lads weekend" which has been happening for years now and I was kindly invited along. The main target was freshwater bass. One of my ozzie fishing mentors,Frank picked me up at my daughters place in Frenchs Forest at 10am in the morning. In total there would be 7 anglers and 4 boats. When we arrived just after noon there were just two more anglers to turn up. We pitched up our tent and then helped erect the sunshade - it was screaming hot !!!! What a beutiful place this was and
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