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  1. Hi I wish to buy a fly rod for sea use for mackerel and (hopefully) bass.I also would like to use it when on holiday for brown trout in small hill lochs in scotland. I believe I would need a #6-7 rated rod for the hill lochs BUT would need a #8 rod for sea use. Will a#7-8 rod be too big for small trout ?Or if I go for a #6-7 rod will this be too small for bass etc? I have never fly fished before I usually spin in the sea. What size rod should I get? Thanks Richard
  2. Hi Thanks for yor replies. I have been offered a Daiwa Whisker wf 98-9'6"ft rod but he doesn't know the line rating.Does anyone know what it would be?Also whether it would be suitable for a bit of sea fishing when I'm not on holiday? Thanks Richard
  3. Hi I'm of on holiday to Scotland soon and fancy having a go at flyfishing for brown trout in the hill lochs around Applecross.I sea fish often,mostly light spinning.but have never fly fished. I have been recommended to get a 9ft-9ft6in flyrod taking no.6 or no.7 line. Can anyone recommend a reasonable cheapish travel fly rod? It will probably only get used once or twice a year (unless of coarse i get the bug!) therefore I don't want to spend too much at the moment. I have seen the Shakespeare Odessey Telescopic Fly Rod but haven't heard good things about any telescopic rods.Anyone any ideas?What are their travel fly rods like? Also would this size of rod be suitable for a bit of light flyfishing in the sea,say for mackerel,bass etc? Thanks Richard
  4. Thanks for your replies. I am thinking about them mainly for when on holiday in the Western Highlands.As i normally take a load of frozen ones in a food flask and then stick them in the freezer when I get there. Would the fact that theres no scent coming from them make any difference when spinning? I always seem to catch more when using frozen sandeel compared to a rubber sandeel so scent must play a part?
  5. I have seen some preserved (no need to freeze)sandeel for sale and am wondering are they any good for spinning with.I usually use frozen sandeel for my spinning and thought I might try some of these as it says they stay on the hook better.Would they have been salted? Thanks Richard
  6. Thanks for your replies.I must admit I was a bit concerned that it might be a bit be bendy but as long as it won't break I will have some fun! What size of fixed spool would be best.I use a 3550 size Daiwa Samurai on my 10ft spinning ros but it looks a bit large for the Ugly Stik.Would I be better of with a 2550 size reel or will the 3550 be ok?
  7. Hi I use a 10ft rod for my shore spinning but have just aquired a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite 7ft spinning rod c/w18-50g.I will be using it to spin from a boat for mackerel etc.Can anyone recommend a reel to match with this rod? Also how would this rod cope if I were to catch a reasonable bass or pollack on it(Its supposed to be unbreakable!) Thanks
  8. Whats happened to Neil Mackellows forum? http://neilsforum.marsh-tackle.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=1 Its disappeared!!
  9. Thanks for the replies. Dan: I would be most intrested in a pic or two of your homemade one.Also some idea of sizes/measurements would be handy.Thanks Franticfisherman: Great pics.Thankyou.Does it take much pressure does it take to trip the release mechanism? Richard
  10. Thanks for your replies Would a pic be possible Franticfisherman so I know what I'm looking for.Also how does the release clip work? Thanks Richard
  11. dickandjill


    Does anyone know where I can get a small ADJUSTABLE(for depth) Paravane for trolling with rubber eels etc.? I believe you can get one with several different hole positions to change the angle and therefore the depth to which it will dive to. Thanks Richard
  12. Hi Has anyone got an Orkney Spinner with a folding dodger/hood that they could email me some detail pics of the frame showing fixings, proportions,where it fits on boat etc. to aid me in making one for my dinghy.I have searched the web but to no avail. Thanks Richard
  13. dickandjill

    boat rod

    Hi What size boat rod should I buy to use for inshore dinghy fishing here in West Cornwall.I will be trolling for Pollack and Bass with rubber sandeels etc Thanks
  14. Thanks for your reply Would Compass Point(Blackstone Point) be worth a try? Also is there anywhere further up the estuary nearer the town? Richard
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