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  1. no I wouldn't be on the boat by myself and no I wasn't brought up on boats, in fact the first time I ever went fishing was last summer.
  2. I already use it for mackeral off rocks but was wondering if it is suitable for fishing for mackeral off a boat
  3. Could anyone tell me if an 8ft Shakespeare MG Supaspin Medium/Heavy action rod is strong enough for sea fishing.
  4. Thanks Kieran, I usually use feathers or german spratts. A little bit of advice for anyone in the Cork area, excellent tackle shop in the Halfway village on the Bandon-Cork road.
  5. don't worry, my dad or 18 year old brother are always with me and thanks for the relly helpful information
  6. Hello all, just wondering if the 1,2,3,4 of July is too early to fish for mackerel off rocks? Al P.S.: how do you get those pictures beside your name.
  7. I am from cork and I fish off rocks for mackerel in Kinsale and Courtmacsherry
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! News just in. GardaĆ­[irish Police] have announced that they DID shoot down an unidentified flying object over Drumoland Castle while George Bush was attending an E.U. summit there. GardaĆ­ are still denying its David Beckhams penalty! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLOOD ALERT IN WALES All homeowners in Wales are advised to take precaution after water levels in Wales are constanttly rising because so many Welsh people are ******* themselves after the England-v-Portugal match. P.S.: PLenty more were that came from, just try me.
  9. I just checked google for "boring english websites" and I got 72400 hits; I couldn't have been arsed lookin up boring scottish websites because I don't think Windows xp could cope with the amount of hits. What about SOCCER. Anyone normal[irish]? : :cool: :mad: :confused: P.S.: Go on PORTUGAL
  10. anyone Irish out there so I can speak to normal people. If you're normal[irish] please respond and don't let me here on my own with all these boring brits. Please, please, please help me.
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