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  1. *Takes deep breath* Firstly, I am very much a novice when it comes to any form of fishing. I have lived in the Midlands all my life & the ONLY exposure to fishing I have ever had was a mackerel boat my dad took me on in 1978. The nearest coastline to me is almost 100 miles away. I am now 34 years old & have taken up sea fishing, mainly because I want to eat what I catch. I knew I wanted to start fishing but was extremely nervous about dipping my toe in the water. I spent a week driving around Dorset, Devon & Cornwall, June this year & took particular note at
  2. I was wondering what your preferred methods of despatching fish are ? I'm not keen on just letting them suffocate - perhaps this is the best method though ? Is the old "tap on the head" better ? What is the quickest & causes the least stress possible to the fish ?
  3. Contact email address from his website is: henry@henry-gilbey.co.uk
  4. Thanks to everyone for your quick & informative replies, some useful information for me there which I will try out next time I go fishing. Thanks also for the recipe - I look forward to trying it out! Alan - I have sent an email to you with my postal address on it - thanks very much indeed! [ 18. September 2004, 10:03 PM: Message edited by: FearTheHands ]
  5. Hi all New to the forums & fairly new to fishing in general. Have taken up sea fishing & having a blast doing so! I spent the last week along the West Dorset coast trying every method of fishing I could. I was successful ledgering (West bay) & float fishing (Weymouth Pier) catching varying sizes of Pollack at both places. No matter what size of Pollack I caught or whether on a float or ledgering EVERY fish without fail almost swallowed the hook. The worst when I caught a 2 pound Pollack meaning I had to cut the hook off (advised by a fellow angler - is this correc
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