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  1. Hello everyone, I wonder if any of you out there have ever owned or used a Drennan Stick Float rod? I recently acquired a backup to one I currently have but noticed that there are slight differences, which makes me question if Drennan refined or issued different versions over the years. Be interested to know if any of you have a rod similar to mine. My first Stick Float rod has a spliced in tip (that is a section of about 27" of different material) as opposed to the rest of the IM8-looking carbon. My second Stick Float does not have a spliced tip, its the same carbon weave from the
  2. Some good advice on here, from my brief experience with centrepins this is what I've encountered (given your price range): Speedias - good but there are a lot out there that have wobble, so confirm before you buy. A bit of paint loss is nothing to worry about. People rave about the wide drum versions with different ratchet settings, but I find the humble narrow drum often to show less wobble and great for float work. Adcock Stantons - have been my workhorse for many years, I find the 4.5" to be more friendly than the 5" as they are quite weighty but more as a result of them being incre
  3. Hi everyone, I wonder if somebody could be so grateful to offer me some advice on what is the best/most useable size for an Allcock Aerial reel (circa 1920s/1930s)...I'm talking about the likes of the Popular and the ventilated six spoke variety. I've heard talk about the 3.5" being used, but I find this size a bit too small preferring 4" and 4.5", my modern centrepins are nearly always 4.5", so I'd be interested to hear what people favour and why. The likes of Chris Yates etc seem to prefer 4", are the 4.5" reels a lot heavier or cumbersome to use? Any tips, recommendations or adv
  4. Somebody has copied the auction word for word (including pictures) and is trying to sell it on Gumtree. I can confirm it is NOT the owner of the reels... Gumtree Richard Carter advert
  5. Speaking of which, this is exactly what I wanted to find out as the only way I could release the drum from my reel was to manually push the fork back by sticking my fingers inside between the spokes and pushing the fork back, being careful not to bend the spokes. Madness. What is the correct procedure? I've got an Avon Elite.
  6. Hmm, is that the original ratchet button though? I thought Match Aerials all had cross buttons if that makes sense? Not like those seen on the Fred Crouch reels (which look like this type). Maybe its an age thing, earlier ones had different ratchet buttons to others...?
  7. Hello everyone, I think I'm going to give in and buy a pair of Fred Crouch reels, the Jet version which is the copy of the Allcocks Match Aerial. I've considered buying the originals - but good examples are so rare to find now, I think it might be easier to just buy the replicas. I had convinced myself that the wide version would be better as I understand the original version was quite narrow - some people are convinced it makes no difference, others think for trotting narrow is better, yet the wider version is better for ledgering. The plan, if I have one(!), is to mainly use them for
  8. Thanks Ayjay - the display mode was driving me mad! Regarding the 'tool', that's a good idea - I'll investigate that, seems like a good idea. I had some odd scrap aluminium hanging around but after a clearout it got thrown out...doh! Just what I flipping need right now, always the way!
  9. Hello everyone, would anybody happen to know where on earth I could find a proper Adocck Stanton tool for unlocking the spool in order to clean it? I know that there is supposed to be a small aluminium tool selotaped to the instructions - but on every reel I've got its never come with the unlocking tool (think piece of alumnium with two prongs). Its probably relatively easy to make I would have thought - I've rang the current Adcock Stanton manufacturers and they said they don't make them anymore as the spool design has changed nor do they keep parts for the old Cliff Adcock type desig
  10. Hi Budgie, as far as centrepins go, my experience is as follows: I've got some Adcock Stanton's (as mentioned), a Dave Swallow reel (my second actually) - it was the first centrepin type I ever tried...never quite got on with it though (felt cheap), partly because my first had plastic parts and a god awful rear drag as opposed to the later which had brass components. The one I have now has brass parts, with a much better ratchet - I should really give it a second chance. I've found the Adcock is a solid work-horse reel - bit of a tank in that it does pretty much what you want, and its a ni
  11. Hi, would somebody be able to tell me what a clean Richard Carter reel would be worth? I know its very model specific but I'm currently considering (cheaper!) alternatives than saving up and having to wait months for a Chris Lythe, I think a used Richard Carter is probably the next best option I have. I'm not a collector of reels - whatever I buy gets used on the bank and I'm looking to treat myself to something nice for a change. Am I being somewhat optimistic to think I could find a Richard Carter for within £300? IF I could ever find one that is... I've seen some clean Allcocks Mat
  12. I think I may have been successful in my quest...we'll see. I did see a few minty Adcocks without handles and ratchet on ebay recently (they do seem to crop up from time to time). Good hunting! Aaron Now if I can just find a tidy Richard Carter...the search continues!
  13. Hi, I'm currently searching for a clean unmolested Adcock Stanton centrepin, the older type with the black carbon/plastic type reel seat. My specs are 4.5", handles and ratchet. If its got the box and instructions that would be better still. If you have a nice one please send me a message. Cheers Aaron
  14. Hi, I'm after a tidy Adcock Stanton reel to match the one I currently own and love, specs being: - Old type (not the new series available today) - Black plastic reel fittings - Silver finish - Brass ratchet button - Handles - 4.5" Preferably after one in excellent/mint condition - plus with instructions etc if available. Budget somewhere around £100-150. I'm not interested in the ones with the clutch/drag. Let me know what you have I've tried to attach some pictures of the one I currently own... Thanks Aaron
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