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  1. Hi Richard.


    Like you I visit rarely nowadays, Hope you are well and glad you have sorted out your retirement.

    Maybe we will bump into each other an the Beult or Medway next season.( or Wingham this May )


    Stay lucky.

  2. Fistly can I thank everyone involved with this years fish in, no matter how hard the fishing the aura of this place alone is worth the visit.

    Thanks for putting me in a fabulous swim Steve apologies for not making better use of it. ( BTW I did not have a 3lb Perch Steve- I had 2 x 2lb Perch and one slightly bigger @ 2lb 4oz and a smaller one) .

    Tackle auction- what a great Idea,well done Dave.

  3. Good to have you back ! you definately need new gear, I can remove your old stuff to save youthe trouble. :punk:

    Good to have you back ! you definately need new gear, I can remove your old stuff to save youthe trouble. :punk:

  4. Did post a short while back asking if anyone fancied the Itchen and had no response, so thought it was dead in the water.

    off to Mexico for two weeks on the 20th, if anyone fancies it around the end of November let me know and i`ll call Lyndsey to check availability.


  5. I feel really privileged to have secured a place this year and would urge anyone who has concerns about the style of fishing and wether their style will suit or not,book next year and talk to the guys, they are so helpful and full of sound advice,you wont know until you give it a go.


    Thank you Steve, Peggy,Terry,Glyn, Budgie,the families of the Baliffs,Anderoo and anyone I have forgotten who talked me thru my swim or helped with the ferrying of tackle and food etc etc.


    Apologies to Steve for not making the most of a great swim but there is always next year.?

  6. On the subject of attractants for Eels,many moons ago when I used to fish every hour I could and fished summer and winter leagues on every god forsaken venue in the south I came across a medium I mixed with Brown crumb that devastated the Eels on the Kentish Rother... during our teams practise sessions I used to scrape the bandsaw dust after cutting pig spleens (Melts ) which stank and had a high blood content, it is no exageration to say I more than doubled the weights of my team on 2 sessions and came second on the day of the match with an all Eel catch only beaten by a Dorking angler with a big bag of Bream, If you know a Butcher ask and try you will be amazed........

    smelly but amazed. :bye2:

  7. Well what can I add to the thanks already given by all, Fabulous hospitality to all from the time you arrive to the time you leave.

    Thanks to steve for the bacon buttie and coffee, Steve, Peggy, Terry, Glyn, Stuart... (you lucky *** !) Terry, Budgie,Tony and Sue.


    What a great place, catching really is a bonus ( nice though :D ) Steve, should I be lucky enough to gain a spot next year could you book time to sit by me, I promise to feed and water you all day :) Glyn,thanks for picking up a sack of vitalin for me :thumbs:


    also nice to see a few new faces and old familiar ones back again. THANK YOU ALL.

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