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  1. Never timed it Rusty, but ,say 3 secs in the air after spotting the Seal, then got to get to tripod and set rod in, run up beach to tackle box above high tide line, get camera out and cap off, switch on, zoom out and find Seal in EVF....just in time to see it sink back below the surface :)


    I have then been known to try to run a 100yds along the beach hoping Seal pops up again. Damned hard work this beach fishing lark :)..Real bonus is the bird hide about 1/2 mile away, with all sorts of ducks and waders and other stuff to look at and photograph.



    here is one that pleased me..










  2. Think so Newt. I often see this one, sometimes two at Sandwich where I fish mostly these days. Unpredictable as to the timings and tides. I have got a couple of shots at different times, but am determined to get a good "close up" or at least within 20 yards or so :)


    Twice this one has popped his head and shoulders up less than 15 yards out in front of me, both times while I was in midcast waiting for the lead to land.............camera in tackle box. So I wait with camera on lap and the seal doesn't appear, several hours and then I get this little peeping at me chance :) Seal def saying "I see you Sir" me def saying "gotcha"


    Great fun :)



  3. I think it may have been 7/8/97 according to the date on the pic :) Can't remember all the details, but I believe the "record" was open at the time, and I was advised that my fish "must be a brown goldfish" no reason given, simply the opinion of a self important "expert".


    I never pursued the claim any further...........not really bothered to be honest :) There were other, smaller crucians in the pond......



  4. Brilliant use of electric motors on each wheel, solves all the awkward transmission problems. I've got a barrow with the 2 back wheels each with their own motor.............still no good on soft shingle.............does pull well though on good ground :)



  5. May not be my last word on win10, completely messed up my Outlook. "lost my database" "unable to send/receive" "address not recognised" and a few more. Fiddled about with various settings (not sure what I did to be honest) with no result. Been solid as a rock for years.



    Suddenly, yesterday, it is all back to normal......except........I have lost all my deleted mails, all the stuff in my storage folders (even the folders) lists of names/address, in fact just like starting from scratch.


    What next I wonder?



  6. I have gone back to Win 7 with no probs :) Checked on my Ipad this morning and youtube was playing OK connected to the same router as the PC, so the probs were def with my PC. I still have the option to "upgrade" later if I want to.


    Just out of interest, when I installed win10 I was advised to install what I assumed was an upgrade to AMDxxxxxxx. This I assumed was the video etc software already on my PC, so I allowed the installation. Completely cocked up my windows media player with some quite frightening effects like a fuse blowing when I tried to play videos (not dvd's) stored on PC.


    I may have another go later, changing servers next week so will wait until after that is up and running.


    Bit of a nightmare really, I am well back in to my birdwatching and load pics and videos every day so losing the option to play them back was, to say the least, upsetting.


    Happily all is "as it was in the beginning :) "




    PS the my documents is also back to normal...........wife very happy bunny :)

  7. I really only use my PC for videos and photos which I take myself, or youtube (a lot) and Word. Sorted the word problem out, you have to save in to One drive/documents, at least Wife can get back to her accounts etc, still can't edit and save the original word docs though.


    YouTube playing up still mostly only getting sound if anything, not sure this is MS problem though.


    PC now asks if I want to allow my Sony playmemories to "make changes" to my PC...bloody annoying as it has worked faultlessly for years through several updates.


    I will give it a week or so and then go back to Win7, only problem there is that I will have to reinstall quite a lot of stuff, and may end up worse off.




    Tried loading some new pics and videos via my sony playmemories and they all play back seamlessly! and some of the old stuff MP4 will play on Quicktime with a struggle. Maybe the Windows media player will sort itself out soon, as I used it to play all my stuff.




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  8. my installation went fine this morning.....all OK until I went to edit some word docs. Wouldn't let me save them as I need Admin permission. I am admin (says so on the pc) but still not working. More of a problem is that docs are now saved as read only even though I have ticked the boxes and the properties shows them as not read only.


    Even worse problems with video playback, inconsistent to put it mildly! Media player says they are in a not supported format...they are, some in different formats, but all played ok before "upgrade". I have one saved in MOV format which plays sometimes (?) most of them in AVC or MP4, all supported by windows media according to the list.


    I suspect it is to do with the fresh installation required after win 10 of my AMD software.


    My brain is now hurting so I will give it a rest for tonight,


    just tried youtube and only getting sound !




  9. Anderoo, I've been using the Chinese stuff for several years now..Agepoch Spectra. Got it in several BS from 10lb upwards to 90lb.All has been exactly as stated on the label for diameter.


    Just a word though, I did a lot of testing a few years back and found that passing the line thro twice (swivels etc) or the No Knot knot gave 100% BS on all the braids up to 30lbs. Not tested any above this though.


    Having used PP for a few years I an convinced that the Agepoch Spectra is the same line.



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