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  1. Nice one Steve, say well done to him for me Den
  2. Do you have the Sony Play memories software installed? If not free download should work. Den
  3. Got me chuckling Sent it to my grandkids titled "me as a kid" Den
  4. Kuwait for me as well, Merry xmas to you all, Den
  5. Dave, have to agree with you, but..they are awkward things to fix to your clothes. I have lost two this year, both must have fell off while fishing, just left with the pin. Den
  6. Dave, you should have read the previous posts re W10 Sportsman is not the only one to go back to W7. Caused chaos with mine so I reverted, but still lost a lot of stuff, especially Emails I had saved. Strangely enough a neighbour of mine, who "hasn't a clue re computers" had no probs at all ! Den
  7. Never timed it Rusty, but ,say 3 secs in the air after spotting the Seal, then got to get to tripod and set rod in, run up beach to tackle box above high tide line, get camera out and cap off, switch on, zoom out and find Seal in EVF....just in time to see it sink back below the surface I have then been known to try to run a 100yds along the beach hoping Seal pops up again. Damned hard work this beach fishing lark ..Real bonus is the bird hide about 1/2 mile away, with all sorts of ducks and waders and other stuff to look at and photograph. here is one that pleased me.. Den
  8. Think so Newt. I often see this one, sometimes two at Sandwich where I fish mostly these days. Unpredictable as to the timings and tides. I have got a couple of shots at different times, but am determined to get a good "close up" or at least within 20 yards or so Twice this one has popped his head and shoulders up less than 15 yards out in front of me, both times while I was in midcast waiting for the lead to land.............camera in tackle box. So I wait with camera on lap and the seal doesn't appear, several hours and then I get this little peeping at me chance Seal def saying "I see you Sir" me def saying "gotcha" Great fun Den
  9. You do eat well Shaun Den
  10. I see you sir (800x600).jpg]osted for no better reason than I thought it might bring a smile or two......... Den
  11. Quite a long stretch of the river is free fishing from above and down through the town. Tends to be fast flowing and shallow. Lower down the Canterbury club control the fishing. Best I can offer you, I have actually never fished it myself, despite having lived in Canterbury for many years Den
  12. I think it may have been 7/8/97 according to the date on the pic Can't remember all the details, but I believe the "record" was open at the time, and I was advised that my fish "must be a brown goldfish" no reason given, simply the opinion of a self important "expert". I never pursued the claim any further...........not really bothered to be honest There were other, smaller crucians in the pond...... Den
  13. Hi Chris, carefully weighed in front of several witnesses, mostly pretty experienced anglers. All agreed it was a crucian and it weighed 4lb 1oz Den
  14. and, who knows, one day you may catch one like this ;0 den
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