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  1. ohh lol, only 13 hours to go, nvmind
  2. Auction only, or will you end early and at what price? Chris
  3. Rabs, they werent mustad hooks. And you are right all 3 put up a dman good fight! Chris
  4. pike - I`m getting there Caught my first jack a few weeks back , 5lb
  5. i would be reluctant to use the human designed ones just yet without more research! I`ll let you know how i get on Chris
  6. Hummmm , i can`t see how it does no good as just at the instance you spray or dab it on it will take some effect even if the excess is washed off. For what its worth i`d be reclined to say that its pointless using it, surely for any price its worth looking after the fish!! Chris
  7. When i first set up my carp rig i used a size 10 ESP hook with 2 10mm boilies. I have now upped to using one 15mm boilie and i have found i am getting a few missed bites or loosing a few takes.....is it my hook size? I have watched a few vids and they seem to all use 8 or even 6 with long shank. They really seem to pump the long shank hooks...what do you guys recon? I have also been experimenting with some size 6 long shank hooks and it doesnt seem to be putting the fish of taking the bait yet i havent lost one yet! Question therefore is....which hook do you use, why and how......
  8. Just wondering, when i hook a fish occasionally it just nicks it. NOT a split or anything...just a prick, but a prick non the less. Is there any ointment i could buy to apply to ensure it doesnt go infected! I know it shouldnt but just for an extra bonus. I`m sure a few quid for some ointment is worth a faster heal for the fish, after all we should take care of the fish as the number one priority! Chris
  9. lol Kev, just trying to speak to you now but u must be away from ur comp. Rabster, the hooks i got were a free sample from someone ( NOT YOU CHRIS!! if ur reading!) and i will not be using them again, they look cheap and i am disapointed in myself for using them as they didnt look strong enough! Anyways...glad to catch and definately an exciting day......fish were small....biggest 7 3/4 lb , 5lb and 4.5 lb...tell you what tho, they dont have give a good fight up at bradshaws! And the runs i snapped on screamed away...they were DEFINATELY doubles lol Chris
  10. I`m sure those carp were swimming around with mini chain saws, i had the braid snap about 2cm below the swivel, a hook snap (won`t be using those again! ), and one mangaed to get off......to make matters worse, when i reeled in after nothing for a few hours, it revialed one of the blitters had chainsawed of the hook hooklink !!! no bleep on the alarm, just no hooklink!! Anyways, was entertaining Chris
  11. Sorry i havent twigged this post earlier, as u all know i`m new to carping and i`m using the boilies phil my local tackle dealer recommended. On looking, i`m actually using the spicy shrimp and prawn and i also have the popups. Not been using them long enough to give u massive feedback BUT i was fishing bradshaws today and i saw 1 person pull a carp out with about 10 of us on the bank, and i had 5 Runs on my shrimp boilies. Later a younger kid was learning and asking for help, he was running low on bait so i chucked him a boilie, got a run within 10 mins !! Definately work there anywa
  12. Cheers rudd, do you work for them, you seem to know an awful lot! Chris
  13. thats a long walk down! Do you mean actually fish all the way along the bank between Rawtenstall and Bury lol ?
  14. When i did my alevels 3 years back, i chose Biology Chemistry, physics and maths !!! How did i feel!
  15. U know if you buy online, is it from effect that second or do you have to wait for delivery ? I.e i wanna go tomorrow at 7...so cant catch post office, if i get it online now am i covered? Chris
  16. yea, i know irwell does cuz i have had 2 from there when i was younger. Its just which spots to pick on the irwell! Chris
  17. I`ve only been fishin a little while full stop so fly fishing is definately something to perfect in a good few years time BUT a friend of my grandad who sadly died gave him some of his fly fishing gear, where could i go in the manchester area.. (preferably Bury area (N manchester)) to have a go, with the chance of catching. Regards Chris
  18. Guys i`m 21 and at Uni and my mam and dad keep b0llocking me for going fishing ! So i`ve been bloody banned! !!!21 and my mums said no fishing LOL !!! I bivvied up a few days back and took my work with me! It was great, best of both worlds, but parents still dont believe i was working. I know in my head that my degree is infinately more important yet i have the carping bug ! I`m seriously worried that fishing is gonna bugger up my exams! Might get my dad to lock my tackle in his shed as a last resort! RIGHT a plendge..only 2 months until exams....only fishing on Saturday
  19. I`m just guessing BUT would crushed up wine corks not work ? OR what about the internet ... i`m sure delivery of a tub of cork wouldnt be too expensive where - ever ur from! Like i say i dont make boilies, but if ur really struggling if u send us cash to cover postage and cost then i`ll buy some and send it ya, as i know my tackle shop definately has tubs of the stuff. Chris [ 31. March 2005, 09:53 AM: Message edited by: craynerd ]
  20. I dont make my own boilies, but why not just use the cork powder, seems to work for everyone else! Chris
  21. lol, Mate if your looking for a small practice amp there is only one to choose!! and thats the Peavey Rage , very small praccy amp, BUT is FAR FAR better than any other amp on the market! We use to sell them at the shop for £115 but look on ebay! Buy nows at £59 or bid as low as £20 Telling you now, they are well well worth the money! As good as most rehersal amps for quality just not QUITE as loud! but nearly lol!!!! Certainly the type of amp for the grunge punk rock sound your son will be after! But will outplay your guitar by a long shot (i.e guitar may reduce amp qual
  22. hi jonah, not spoke for a while. Need to arrange a day out somewhere, roman lakes ? I`ll get my carp gear out With regards to the message, my tackle shop in Radcliff was fine so N Manch obviously wasnt hit! get in touch, fancy it this week or next!? Chris
  23. Annoying it has an expiry date tho, only started fishin 1 month ago so spent £23 for 1 months fishing !!! gotta buy another now, well 2 as i wanna fish 3 rods! Chris
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