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  1. 12` Greys Prodigy Specailist 1.25/1.75Tc rod Shimano super X GTM4000 reel with 3 spools all loaded with line Reel case for above Drennan Super specailist Rod quiver Korum Tackle & Bait Bag(Brand new not been out of house) Large pan landing net Wychwood tool kit terminal tackle & leads PVA stocking (New & full) John Baker Guide to Modern Barbel baits(signed) Source 18mm Boilies 3/4 full Source 15mm pop ups full Soure 10mm pop ups 3/4 full Soure Liquid full 1.3kg Halibut pellets 10kg of pellets containing Hinders pellet combo mix,Trout pellets,swimstim amino & beta
  2. 2 Shimano 6000 GTEB reels in Shimano tribal reel cases loaded with diawa 15lb sensor 2 Greys prodigy 2.75tc rods Chub Reflex Bivvy Solar Globetrotter complete with spare tripost,single post,2 2rod buzz bars,2 solar adjustable rests,2 stainless B cup rests. Solar V8i alarms MPS Banshee Hangers JRC chair Bivi Table Middy 30plus 42'' landing net,unhooking mat,weigh sling Cobra Mini throwing stick Solar Carp sack(new) Fox lead bag containing:8 pear swivel leads,6 inline pears & 4 Korda method feeders Fox Rig wallet with terminal tackle including braids Bivi table Drennan 35Lt
  3. Just felled aload of oak trees,plenty of sawdust just rotting away.
  4. I have sent 12` rods in the post,by taking them to the sorting office.
  5. Large Deluxe Fox Box complete with the following boxes, 2 x 2 Compartment,1 x 4 compartment,1 x 8 compartment, 3 spool dispensers & 3 deviders,It contains the following tackle. Full packet of Nash rig tube,helicopter beads,lead clips & tail rubbers, running rig bits,swivels,5 in-line leads,1 trilobe lead,3/4 spool of 25lb Super Mantis,3/4 spool of 15 Snakebite Gold,1 full spool of kryston braided hok link(looks like snakebite). 10 sze 8 Razor long shanks,6 sze 7 T6 Raptor hooks,23 sze 5 T6 Raptor hooks. A four compatment box containing the following hooks 18 sze 8 Tails up Gripper
  6. Have a look at the Greys Prodigy Specailist,This rod has 2 tips,1.25 & 1.75 Tc so it will handle all fish.At £99 you cant complain & it comes with a life time warranty. I have one & will be looking to invest in another this season.
  7. If you are selling the items i bet you would not complain,but laughing all the way to the bank.lol
  8. IMO you get what you pay for,My advice is pay abit more if you can as you will more than likely upgrade in the near future.
  9. Why can't someone develop a boilie needle that beeps when you whistle?!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why dont you just attach one of the key rings that bleeps that you use to put on your car keys.
  10. You dont say how much you are willing to spend,If you look on various forums you will pick up some great bargains aswell Ebay.
  11. I have the Greys Prodigy specialist,it has two tops 1.25Tc & 1.75Tc & since you already own a feeder rod i would recomend this as it will handle just about any fish you want to catch aswell as having a life time warranty.
  12. abe 1,Have a look at the following sites for 2nd hand tackle, www.tackle-trader.com http://www.fishingmagic.com http://www.fishingwarehouse.co.uk www.rmcangling.co.uk/forum they all have tackle advertised.
  13. With my reflex i got 2 short,2 long storm poles & a full set of screw type bivvy pegs aswell as the cross tension bar,,Still cheaper than anywhere else. As i also stated there was one used twice for £90 on tackle trader.
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