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  1. cheers for the help. iv now bought a pack of kedneys. gave all but one to my cat. the one is in a tub making one hell of a stink. plenty of eggs on it mind. so hopefully they will hatch then eat all of the kidney thus calming the smell a bit. any one know the best way to lean them?
  2. i tried collecting maggots with a small chicken but the smell was so bad i couldnt clean up the mess. im a bit of a wuss when it comes to smells that bad. my girlfriend did it for me. with all the messing about id rather buy them. if i was looking for around a pint or 2, how much meat should i leave out. i would like it if i could leave out just enough so all of it will be consumed.
  3. iv never tried hemp, (for bait anyway) whats it like for catching carp?
  4. can anyone tell me a website that sells maggots. iv been looking for months and the only one that i can find charges £2 a pint and £13 postage. there arnt any live bait shops around where i live
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