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  1. Thanks for the reply John, the tails are something I'm working on. Once you take the fairly square tail of a brown trout and put it in perspective and position, it often appears more forked than it should be. Same thing goes for the fork in a salmon's tail. As the tail is curved with the water the fork becomes less and less evident. Anglers are obviously more used to seeing the fish out of water, when the tail is neutral, but underwater a straight tail, while showing the proper shape clearly, looks too rigid. I've painted my share of landscapes, as well as a few birds for commission, but i
  2. Thanks for the feedback Vagabond. So far I've only painted game fish, but I'm planning to expand in the near future. cheers!
  3. Hi Chesters1, thanks for the comment, although I'm not sure what you mean by 'rustic' in relation to the tail.
  4. I've been considering doing that for a while, just been extremely busy lately. It's something I definitely intend to do. Cheers, Ian
  5. Thanks for the feedback. The 'Holding Pool' painting has actually changed considerably since this, I will uplaod the new version as soon as i get it photographed. The 'On the Turn' painting was actually one of the first that i did, and will soon be replaced by a newer, more accurate painting. watch this space!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm an Irish artist who produces original paintings of game fish for commission, mainly for customers in Ireland and the UK. If you have time, I'd appreciate any feedback or opinions you might have on my work, here's a sample: There are more samples at http://www.ianotoole.com Also, if anyone has any ideas where this type of painting might be popular, such as restaurants or hotels/lodges, please let me know. Thanks for your time, Ian O'Toole
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