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  1. Hi All Hope all is well with all of you. Have created a blog dedicated to carp fishing around the bournemouth/dorset area, I hope over the next few months to build it up, so it is a useful resource for any carp angler in the area. Please check it out and leave any comments or suggestions of things you would like to see. Heres the link: http://bournemouthcarp.blogspot.com/ Cheers one and all STC
  2. Hi guys Just a quick question, I am looking at making my own sweetcorn and hemp boilies, nothing special I know. However has anyone got any suggestions as the best hemp oil and sweetcorn extract that I could use. Gunna get myself a boilie rolling stuff and give it a go. Gunna make 12 mm boilies. Cheers guys STC
  3. Hi All After what seems like years, i have final solved the getting out of the bivvy at night and footwear problem, a false pair of crocs, no real great break through as i know that alot of you use them already. However, they have like all crocs have holes in them, I am looking to seal all the holes to make them water proof. I was thinking about covering them in water proof tape but tried it and the tape comes off when they get wet. So does any one know of a plastic resin that I could paint the crocs with after i have covered up the holes to seal the tape/or what ever i use in pla
  4. Brought a pack of these , and have just turned up, smell great was gunna eat a few but thought the carp better have first dibs. cheers STC
  5. Not sure if I have mentioned this before but, I watched Dawn of the dead, the remake, about 2weeks before for I went fishing a few years back and the scene where the zombie come out of the water springs to mind when I am playing a fish at night. Real head F**K. Also keeps thinking, I wonder if there is a croc in the lake I am fishing?? Cheers STC
  6. Cheers Phone. Have made a copy of that and have put it in my fishig file. Have decided to buy some. The reason I asked was have final managed to gte hold of some mailine pulse boilies and wanted the paste to go with, while I was at it brought a pot of the pop ups to. I understand that mainline has stopped making the Pulse line now, shame as it is my favourite Boilie never not caught on it. Guess will have to find a new one soon, Did however buy 3kg of pulse and am planning on gettting a couple moe kg and storing it in the freezer (wife will not happy, as i will be taking up the space)
  7. Cheers Rob, did wonder if that was the way of doing it. STC
  8. Hi All Hope all is well with everyone Quick question, can you make paste from freezer boilies? If so how do you do it. Cheers Guys STC
  9. Hi all If you had say £500 quid, what carp rods would you buy or would you get custom set made?? Cheers STC
  10. Hi I have a 10000ra nice reel. Cheers Stc
  11. What is the best joke you have played on some one you have gone fishing with. Mine was hitching a 1lb fishing line up to another friends bite alarm and pulling it now and then. Naughty STC :clap:
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