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  1. When i hook into a large carp with my Colmic I add sections when it Tears off! what do you do with a 6m Pole ?
  2. Thanks for looking, yeah i'm leaning to the beastmaster, Im also thinking of the MAP TKS 10m. My club observes the closed season so got a bit of time to choose, hoping for much input from members, Please
  3. What is the best sub £150 Margin Pole ? I have a Colmic Astra 3000 which is very strong but i want to give it a rest and keep it more for silvers. What's your fav Margin Pole? Cheers Paul
  4. Two sections of my pole are locked solid. Does anybody know any tricks to seperate them? Sensible answers please! Cheers Paul
  5. Saturday Morning. 6.00 am My wife sleeping peacefully, I got up early, dressed quietly, made sandwiches, grabbed my fishing gear, slipped quietly into the garage to get out the car, and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour. There was snow mixed with the rain, and the wind was blowing 80km/ph. I pulled back into the garage, turned on the Radio, and discovered that the weather would be bad throughout the day. I went back into the house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed. There I cuddled up to my wife's back, now with a different anticipation, and
  6. Hi all, Following all your advice I have bought a Daiwa Connoisseur S110 & S125E extension with a couple of extra top kits. It's in excellent condition 11m - 12.5m 595g @ 11m Price £165 I cant find any info on the net about it. Anyone know when it was made, price, etc.? Thanks for your help. Paul.
  7. Hi Anglerette I would say no. A spinning rod with a few lures will do take a couple of floats and hooks for the rivers in Bangkok the fish will eat any bait but you need to make it sink fast otherwise the fry will maul it as soon as it touches the water! Loads of boat fishing off Pattaya Tight Lines, and keep your other half on one!
  8. Thanks to S mac and markp You've just saved me ££££'s I was going to start shorter!!!
  9. Thanks for your advice. Ihave carp gear, what i meant was there is a chance of hooking one of the bigger fish, not targeting them with a pole. What I really want it for is to catch specimen silverfish, having the accuracy of being able to bait and cast on a sixpence. Thanks everyone for your help
  10. Dear All, Thinking of buying a whip or pole. I've never used either. Would it make sense to start with a whip of say 7m to see if I like it, or go for a pole of say 11 - 13m? I will be using it mainly for still water near home which holds everything - silverfish to 3lb, carp to 40lb Can you recommend particular whips and poles and what else i need. Is there a good book or dvd for beginners on poles? Thanks for looking Happy New Year
  11. Thank you all for your help, I'll try a smaller hook and less power on the strike
  12. Paul_2005


    I went fishing for the first time in 25 years sunday. Iwas float fishing a shallow river using a small breadflake on a 14 hook. After a while I started getting good bites but couldnt hook a thing! The barb was exposed - could it be the fish were very small or I've lost the knack of striking! Going back for round 2 this week - any ideas. Sensible answers please
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