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  1. Can anyone tell me which club has the stretch above Tonbridge's AC section at Vexour Bridge? Or is it just farmers land and if so how do you find out who owns it for permission? Thanks
  2. Thanks Dave! My google never came up with that. Cheers.
  3. Hi Guys, Looking to join Penshurst A.S. I can find an address to write to but no website. Does anyone have details of cost, waiting lists, waters etc. I know they have some nice stretches of the Medway and Eden. Thanks in advance. W.
  4. Bugger!! I'm on a Mac!!! Site doesn't work in Safari or Firefox!!!!!
  5. Hi Steve, I get past the first page, but on the second none of the buttons work to take you to news, waters etc. Can you access those pages? If so it could be my browser but I tried Firefox also. There is a story (and I'm not sure if I've got this right) that the land inc the ballast pit had been sold and therefore the fish were netted and taken to Barden only for the club to find afterwards they could still fish the pit. Again I'm after clarification. Did it get netted? If so are there still fish? You are right it is/was a really nice place to fish. Thanks
  6. I'd heard all the fish had been taken out of the Ballast Pit which is a shame as it's a nice quiet water to fish. Is that true? Also, the website no longer seems to work so despite being a member I'm struggling to get info. For a big club, it's frustrating. Thanks
  7. Woz

    Ibiza fishing

    Im in Ibiza and have afternoon off to fish near San Antonio. Any advice locations for some fun. Do I take spin rod or beachcaster?? Or fly rod! ha!
  8. After over 3wks my rod licence finally arrived. And with all the talk of the EA licence, it made me think. Surely the Thames (and any river section that is tidal) isn't subject to the closed season (Thames up to Richmond lock)? And won't need a licence? And has anyone purchased a Lock and Wier permit? Is it worth it and when do the Locks start and the river finish? Intend to explore the Thames this year.
  9. Ok I did it. As I fish coarse aprox. once a month and I don't expect to give up in the next 30 years I bought the preston carbonite sentinent. I looked at all the others (Alivio and Normark excepted) in the shop and it just felt light and responsive. My pin and fixed spool fit fine.
  10. Hi Steve, A feeder was far to exotic for me at that age! I'd also like to find out if the canal in Marple is closed season and whether it's free fishing or a club (Stockport fed?). I reckon if I can do those two and throw in Roman Lakes, the nostaglia trip would be complete. Someone on the forum must know the answers!!?? I probably should ring Romiley Pets and Tackle if that's still there!!
  11. I grew up in the village and want to return to fish there some point soon ( I'm now in London). Can anyone tell me..... Is it subject to closed season? Is it still Stockport Fed as I heard there was a lease disagreement with the council? Best tactics and spots to fish (As a kid it was always the bridge and maggot for perch). Thanks
  12. Thanks guys, I'm looking to spend £100-150 ideally but would break the budget if I fell in love with the rod. Hence wanting to know if something happens there is some g'tee or replacement section service. My Wychwood fly rod has snapped twice and been replace free.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my float rod from my trust Wilson Avon Quiver. I've looked at a Preston float which was light and felt great but I don't think it comes with any guarantee if I break it? Greys float rods do, but I've not seen one yet. It will be mainly used for trotting with my Okuma Sheffield pin. Any advice please or alternative suggestions. Thanks in advance. W.
  14. I'd love to fish (and catch hopefully) the Wandle tomorrow. I've heard Earlsfield is the best spot and I have taken a reccy but I'm struggling to find a peaceful spot with good access. Help please! Thanks W.
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